Note: the following article is written by a moderator at my forum, "Longchen", who is a friend of mine and Thusness, on his and experience of non-duality (no subject-object split) as the nature of reality that is Always So (and hence not as a passing experience). However, there are further insights into the nature of consciousness.
At the time of his writing, it is realised that Manifestations/Appearances are all consciousness. Consciousness is experienced directly, but not the “nature” of consciousness. The nature of consciousness is empty.
This article also corresponds to Stage 4-5 of Thusness's Six Stages of Experience. Stage 6 is the realisation of Emptiness/Dependent Arising. Longchen has more recently written an article about his insight of Emptiness/Dependent Arising (see The non-solidity of existence).

Update, August 2009: Please note that the author of the site has taken down all his spiritual growth articles. The links below will not work anymore, however I have uploaded an archive of all his articles at Longchen/Simpo's Articles

Non duality is really the same experience as no-self state. It is also the same as no subject-object split. 'No subject-object split' means the illusion of an observer and the being observed is being understood and removed.
Below is a description of how non-duality feels like.

I have noticed that non-duality (or non dual experience) has various depths and degrees.

Certain times there are more mental thoughts, certain times less and this give rise to different degrees of vividness and sense of Oneness.
At times, sense of being at a location can be greatly diminished... instead what is being felt are all the sensations that made up 'here-ness'... For in truth, 'here-ness' is really made up of perceptions and sensations... For example, the sensations of pressure of the feet against the floor... they are just that..sensations. Likewise, the visual perceptions and hearing and so on so forth are just that.
For in truth, 'location-space', 'individuality-self', ' inner-outer', etc are impressions.
There is also a spacious or all-pervading quality to the experience of non-duality and this is what was meant as a sense of Oneness. At times, objects and surroundings can be 'de-cognated' ( that is ... freed from being perceived as such) and a free-ing joyful and vitalising feeling can be felt. This feels like the mind has finally comes to a must-needed rest from its incessant mental activities.

Also, in the deeper range of non duality, brightness becomes stronger. This brightness is the result of mind's deconstruction which allows for intense penetration into consciousness. The Brightness can be so intense that it is truly stunning.
Please understand that all along our existence has been non-dual. There is no attaining to non-duality... It is only the 'sense of self' that created the impression of duality. Even when the 'sense of self' is there, existence is still non-dual. We never live out of non-duality.

Also, there is another point to add...

Non-duality is NOT the same as a state of Witnessing Presence observing Phenomenality. An Eternal Witnessing Presence that is apart from Phenomena cannot be said to be non dual as there are two components here (witness and phenomena). This experience is characterised by a non-judging watcher observing the world and mind. I had this experience before. And now, I must say that true non-duality is distinctively different from this. The witness/watcher is really not separated from the rest of the world . It (this witness) is not unchanging, but is simply a knowingness that is not apart from the flow of phenomenality.

Non duality can only be stably experienced when the 'sense of self' and the 'Eternal Witness' are correctly understood for what they are.
For your necessary ponderance. Thank you for reading.
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