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World and Universe

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a very interesting 'object' is in front of me right now

is that particular 'object' in 'your' world now? or in 'your' universe?
Cant say. This post is. Awareness has a subjective and objective pole. Two sides of a single moment. When practicing neti neti ( not I not I) one "backs" toward the subjective pole as more and more subtle elements of "me" become objects of awareness. The subjective pole is not an object of awareness, but bodymind (everything called "Me and "Mine") along with the "external" world are realized as a single whole object of awareness. This "Me" belongs in it's entirety to the endless dis-equilibrium of the world, entirely to Samsara. Once the the subjective pole has been clarified of all objects in this way the sense of "I" dissolves. Experience goes from the sense of seer seeing seen to just seeing, without a seperate subject and object. The notion of a subject apart from an object or an object apart from a subject is an error in that it cannot meet the test of practice.

So your question can only be answered ... this is what seeing is now, and the information you are giving me about your experience is an abstraction, in the same way thinking about my car parked outside is. All I'm left with is This experience, everything else is an abstraction.
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