You have been writing too much...lol.

Relax into this meditation music and contemplate on non-arising. :)

Relax and watch these “moon-water” fishes swim.
Their playful aliveness and their movements disturb nothing.
They swim without getting wet and no worries of getting caught.
They pass through cleanly and disappear like evanescent mist.
They appear without sign and leave without trace.
They are free. 
How is one to taste directly this magic of the illusory – The freedom, the spaciousness and the indestructibility?
Bring this taste onto the 6 pure sensory experiences -
Thoughts, scents, sounds, sensation, taste and lights.
Entertain not the content but look directly into the nature of these phenomena,
And realize they share the same taste of the “moon-water” fish.
Rest completely…
Rest unreservedly…
In the magic of non-arising bliss. :)
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