A good text explaining dependent origination, emptiness, two truths, etc.

The Twelve Links of Interdependent Origination
Link: http://www.rinpoche.com/teachings/12links.pdf


The Venerable Khenchen
Thrangu Rinpoche
Geshe Lharampa

Transcribed by

Gaby Hollmann

Translated from Tibetan by

Ken Holmes
Edited by
Kate McDonnell
Namo Buddha Publications
2 Responses
  1. Dear Soh,

    Are you 'being' deliberate obtuse?

    Thanks for the lesson but this letter is not a dialogue about belief, religion, superstition, dual/non-dual, dogma, it's only for you -- not for the BS you’re peddling.

    I know zero about enlightment, but there are a few persons I recognize as waking, and a couple of maybes.

    Soh, you're a maybe.

    I'll be blunt, you haven't grown up yet, I'd sense it if you were.

    Grown up is the 'right view' that is speculated about.

    Grown-up/right view/human adulthood should be the reality of people before waking up. That said, people accidently hear the wakeup call all the time, but having never grown up they miss the urgency and either hit the snooze button or they appropriate the experience into their belief system(s) whatever these may be. In the meantime, they come up with goofy concepts like the first page of, "The Twelve Links of Interdependent Origination".

    Soh, what you say and repeat are just concepts and as concepts they corral us into superstitions, and even if these fact were 99.999% correct, still the facts would be false.

    Soh, right view, is about growing up and reaching adulthood before waking up, that's how it should transpire. Unfortunately, for many whose alarm goes off there is no one there to greet them and set them straight -- maybe in time who knows.

    Growing up, is about surrender; all beliefs, all superstitions, your life, gods, devils, boogey man under the bed, leaders, heroes, santa-claus, nations, the world, humanity, poets, philosophers, teachers, gurus, family, friends, lovers, past, present, future, all hope, your rafts, everything.

    It's about moving from fear to safety.

    Soh, put all your 'whys' away, enter the flow, experience the wonder of it all until you finally fade away.

    Please do not reply with another lesson on DO.

    I really don't care.

    When you finally let go, drop me a thank-you.

    Thinking about you.

    With deep respect,
    Frank Trenholm

  2. Dear Soh,

    I want to thank-you for your courtesy and consideration in your responses to my contrariness.

    I'll end my gripe by mentioning that I enjoy your writing and I have read your journal and parts thereof several times.

    But, like a raft I had to let you go.


    With deep respect,
    Frank Trenholm