12/12/15, 8:23:45 PM: Soh: Sitting on a boat, the boat moving, the vibration and bodily sensation and sound are one formation

12/12/15, 8:23:51 PM: Soh: Suddenly was reminded of

12/12/15, 8:25:52 PM: Soh: https://vimeo.com/36466564

12/12/15, 8:25:58 PM: Soh: They have this app on ipad

12/12/15, 8:26:09 PM: Soh: Seems like total exertion. Lol

12/12/15, 8:28:39 PM: Soh: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCHFAsXYHGA

12/12/15, 8:28:51 PM: Soh: Interactive Van Gogh painting

12/12/15, 8:33:06 PM: Soh: Like the whole world of solid objects interacting with other breaks down into a seamless inter exertion

12/12/15, 8:33:25 PM: Soh: Or a seamless flow

12/12/15, 8:45:32 PM: Soh: Now on a boat ride back to Bali from Lombok. Hearing the sound of the Indonesian tv when eyes closed... Conventional mind says "it's from the tv". But it's not right to say that the sound is from something other than itself as if tv and sound are separate... It's total exertion. Nor does it arise from itself or without causes and conditions. These ways of arising are impossible ways of arising... In truth what dependently arise is nonarising as they are not arising in the impossible ways of entities interacting and producing each other

12/12/15, 8:47:25 PM: Thusness: Yeah like energy frequencies

12/12/15, 8:55:03 PM: Thusness: Yes...if u going through mmk, u keep investigating until the mind is so familiar that essence view of understanding interconnection, causes and effect, origination , abiding and cessation r not possible but yet u cannot say there is no causes and conditions then ur mind sees how invalid these views r...it then releases itself from these grasping of something is arising, abiding and ceasing or something is interacting ...

12/12/15, 8:56:32 PM: Thusness: Yet this total exertion as in the drawing is like every moment activities after anatta...

12/12/15, 9:01:00 PM: Thusness: Similarly when one dissolve the sense of self into oneness, u will realize he has no fear of death when the center is gone.

12/12/15, 9:01:32 PM: Thusness: Loving life and fearing death has a lot to do with essence view and experience.

12/12/15, 9:05:20 PM: Thusness: This sense of total exertion arises also when I read books and suddenly the entire entire body-mind become in tune with the pointing essence of the ancient masters as if the past and the present r at intermingled ...

12/12/15, 9:06:53 PM: Thusness: Or watching and reading our body system...the sense of self and body disappears into a river stream  of circulation without boundaries

12/12/15, 9:08:48 PM: Thusness: When u r constantly in anatta and total exertion...u will feel that cannot b said to b "u" or "not u"

12/12/15, 9:10:23 PM: Thusness: like for example if u visualize and project an experience ... There is no separation and somehow u know it works ... But as separate entity, there will b doubt...

12/12/15, 9:11:52 PM: Thusness: Or for example like when u bowl, the entire flow or movement is doing the work and there isn't the doubt..only when there is the self then there is the doubt...
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