Thusness wrote in 2009:

I think realization and development will eventually reach the same destination.

A practitioner that experience the “Self” will initially treat
1.The “Source as the Light of Everything”.
2. He/she will eventually move to the experience that the “Light is really the Everything”.

In the first case, the Light will appear to be still and the transience appears to be moving. Collapsing of space and time will only be experienced when one resides in Self. However if the mind continues to see the 'Light' as separated from the 'Everything' , then realization will appear to be apart from development.

In the second case when we experience the “Light is really the Everything”, then Everything will be experienced as manifesting yet not moving. This is the experience of wholeness and completeness in an instantaneous moment or Eternity in a moment. When this experience becomes clear in practice, then witness is seen as the transience. Space and time will also collapse when we experience the completeness and wholeness of transience. An instantaneous moment of manifestation that is complete and whole in its own also does not involve movement and change (No changing thing, only change). Practicing being 'bare' in attention yet at the same time noticing the 3 characteristics will eventually bring us to this point.

However what has a yogi overcome when moving from case 1 to 2 and what exactly is the cause of separation in the first place? I think realizing this cause is of utmost importance for solving the paradox of realization and development.
2 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    When we practise the eckhart tolles mode of first realisation that everything emanates from the source, we come to conclusion that you Are the source and try to witness thoughts and emotions and manifestation...... this is like Thusness told that thought witnessing thought.
    Eventually a huge contraction is created In the body. When this is released we come to conclusion that there is no mirror only thoughts and manifestation.
    The pondering on the fact that there is no space, space is just the greatest illusion and all is not even one point, all is god will remove the block of realisation of limitlessness.
    After many months of using the eckhart technique there was huge contraction created in the body.
    And the fact that there is no need to suffer removed that block.

  2. Soh Says:

    Hi Anonymous,

    Is the intensity of luminous clarity or awareness experienced and how is it like? How is it in relation with so called thoughts and manifestation?