11. The First Kukuräja
The First Kukuräja, Lord of Dogs, whose father was Kukuräja Gatu and whose mother was Dawa Dachen, was a bhiksu learned in the five branches of knowledge and particularly expert in the eighteen mahäyoga tantras of Mantrayäna. Aspiring after the essential meaning, he asked Atsantra Äloke for the essence of the teachings. The latter summarized them for him thus:
It is thought that creates the duality of mind and object; 
It is wisdom that perceives them as non-dual.
Meditation means understanding there is nothing to enter into or to exit from.
Not grasping what appears is the state of self-liberation!
Kukuräja perceived without any shadow of doubt the state of self-liberation of his mind and of all the phenomena of vision. Then he perfectly understood the meaning of the primordial state and expressed his realization thus:
I am Kukuräja!
Being without birth or death, mind itself is Vajrasattva.
The dimension of Vajrasattva's body pervades the whole universe
And not even the sky can be an example of it.
Meditating means not being distracted from this understanding!
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