Every dependent arising is an invocation.
Every dependent arising is an empowerment.
Every dependent arising is a blessing.
Nothing truly arise.
Nothing truly cease.
All phenomena are one's own self state.
Accept all fully, completely and unreservedly.
Homage to all arisings.
Homage to Bodhichitta.

~ Thusness, 2014
3 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    What is the relationship btween Buddhahood( the end of path) and phenomena(creation)?When a certain 'individual' ( eg Soh ) finally has reached the end of all seeking, wat happens to phenomena associated with dis ' Soh' ( his body, mental states etc...)? Does dis Soh finally evaporates( no more self-will) and fully absorbed into 'everything'? Wat happens?

  2. Soh Says:

    There is simply actualization of Suchness free from all sense of self/Self and proliferations.

    The way it is experienced is similar to how Buddha describes in Kalaka Sutta and Bahiya Sutta.

  3. Soh Says:

    The sense of a body, mind, agent, doer, perceiver etc disappears. This does not mean there is no more awareness of any pain if you are being pinched but whatever sensations manifest are simply empty appearance that is none other than one’s radiance, and the sensations do not coagulate into a solid shape and boundary. In fact this state of mind body drop is already my every moment experience. Actions arise but without the sense of some actual actor or agent behind activities, so not to be mistaken that one becomes a passive person after awakening.