Shorter excerpt on my day to day experience based on the previous post:
That quality of Presence (that was first glimpsed and realized as in the I AM realization), is experienced constantly in everything now. Everything/the boundless world (and I mean the world of colors, shapes, textures, forms, sensations, sounds, tastes, smells, thought) are the opposite of dull and inert, they are vibrantly alive, dynamic, effervescent, sparkling, pulsating, amazing, marvellous, wondrous, magical, pure, perfect, vivid, brilliant, bright, luminous. All the qualities of Pristine Awareness once relegated to some ultimate Center of Being or some 'Absolute' is now instead fully experienced as purely the relative, as the relativity itself, as the Presencing (a better word than 'Presence' because as Dogen said, Buddha-nature is Impermanence, Presencing is not a static entity but the very unfolding) of the dynamic unfolding of each moment as the 'concrete' textures and forms of each manifestation, ever so 'concrete' and yet empty (of inherency), but fully luminous. Absolutely no background behind.
“yes.. i do have the answer to the meaning of life 🤣 but it is something everyone should discover, it's like everyone is sleeping on a pillow that has a precious diamond which people didn't notice and so they live in poverty and misery. it's not like i have it and you don't
what i can describe is in my day to day living, as it is seen that there is no 'I' as a seer, feeler, thinker, an agent an 'self' entity residing inside the body somewhere relating to an outside world, my experience is now constantly a state of non-division, there has not been a trace of the sense of self as a separate entity, no sense of separation at all, no sense of being an agent or a self..
what is experienced in the absence of a 'self' is a very marvellous, wondrous, vivid, alive world that is full of intense vividness, joy, clarity, vitality, and an intelligence that is operating as every spontaneous action (there is no sense of being a doer). there is a perfection and purity pervading everything in all directions... even the fly is marvellous, is beyond beautiful, it is perfection and pure. there is no negative emotions, no getting hung up in hopes and fears, only perfection and purity
by intensity i mean everything is literally sparkling with brilliance, a vividness, an aliveness, even the trees feel alive, the earth feels alive, and of course every cell of the body feels alive, this aliveness is not in any way bounded by a sense of self and there is no sense of separation with the whole universe. everything literally feels bright, luminous, and wonderful... like the sky is bluer than blue, the sound of raindrops are delightful and vivid, the smells and aromas... all the senses are heightened, intense, vivid. it's like being constantly on a psychedelic drug like ecstasy or LSD except sober and with no negative side-effects or mental impairments. this is not an altered state of consciousness, it is what consciousness is supposed to be experienced, it is what consciousness/the world is in its state of primordial purity. it is like someone who is blind is said to have a more acute sense of hearing as their attention is unhindered by the details of sight... all the five senses and even thoughts are experienced in its naturally heightened luminous intensity when the contracted energy of the illusion of being a 'self' is seen through and dissolved
this universe being experienced without a 'self' is experienced as centerless (no me at the center looking out at the world outside of myself), and boundless (literally immense, large, so large that it is infinite without boundaries), and there is a constant marvelling at the infinitude of the universe being experienced afresh at every moment in vivid clarity, such that life is never dull or boring, but is experienced and expressed to the fullest intensity and joy at each moment as if each moment is like the first time you are experiencing life, that sort of feeling of amazement at seeing a wonderful scenery for the first time in your life or experiencing something new in your life.. that amazement can become constant.
there is also not the slightest sense of a distance, for example, when looking at the 'faraway' tree or building, it is as if you are there, as if the tree or the building is closer than your heartbeat and your breath.. literally no distance at all. it is as if you are the whole world rather than merely an onlooker of the whole world, except even that is not quite correct, there is no 'you' yet there is a gapless intimacy with every person, thing and event, closer than close
the luminous world experienced in no-self and no-separation and in its infinitude is the meaning of life being revealed each moment again.. it is truly living life to the fullest without holding back, it is liberating, it is utmost joy and perfection.
i have been living like this for 8+ years but this year the enlightened state has deepened immensely. and i am far from the only one experiencing this
it is possible that after reading this you may suddenly remember having had a glimpse of this before... while watching the sunset, looking at nature, listening to music, dancing to the music... that moment of enjoying something so fully until the sense of self dissolves into the perfection of that moment of experience (of the sunset, the tree, the music, the dance...) and life and the world reveals a vivid wonderful intensity. most people can recall at least having such glimpses before, often spontaneously, but for me it is a constant state after realising and penetrating the illusion of 'self' thoroughly.
so yeah highly recommended 10/10. life is not meant to be lived in a state of misery
I enjoy describing my experience of life/universe that is experienced like a fairy tale like paradise, where the universe, even the trees and birds and sky take on an ambience of being like a wonderland, like you are in heaven. Paradise is not far away for anyone but here and now as this moment in time and place in space.. so life is lived abundantly by living and enjoying the here and now rather than in the clouds of illusion (primarily the mentally projected illusion of being a separate self, alienated, separated, fearful and lonely by being cut off from the actual world) along with “my problems” of the past and future, the obsessive thoughts and anxieties can be ended. Practical thoughts arise when necessary but most of the time there are no thoughts. This is why i recommend “the power of now” by eckhart tolle for a start as it has practical and meditative pointers tho there is more to it”
(Comments: However, Eckhart Tolle only leads to I AM, not Anatta
Also grounding to the here and now to experience Presence more vividly is more of a skillful means for beginners, for me there is not even such an effort or a place of grounding, it is all so natural and spontaneous)
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