[9:28 AM, 4/18/2020] Soh Wei Yu: I explained i am already way past the phase of i amness realisation in spiritual enlightenment

There is no self within, awareness is just right there where everything is (something like that)

I was very expressive in explaining:

In the seeing, just colors

In the hearing, just sound

Best of all i am free

There is no center within and no circumference without

 i also had a plan to explain to him that while i do not see essence in phenomena it does not mean i subsume everything into consciousness

Everything is like a chariot so besides the functioning and aggregation of dependent arising on display an “it” essence cannot be found within or without it

That does not mean therefore everything exists only inside some consciousness or some subjectivity

Nor does an essence reside outside in objectivity to be found

It just means besides these empty dependent aggregation in function/appearance/operation an essence cannot be found

So experientially everything is just very vivid and yet essenceless like a mirage or reflection

[9:34 PM, 4/18/2020] Soh Wei Yu: [quoted a few pages from The Fearless Lion’s Roar: Profound Instructions on Dzogchen, the Great Perfection, on the Four Strayings: “The straying point of emptiness’s having the character of a knowable object, The straying point of taking emptiness as the path, The straying point of taking emptiness as a remedy, The straying point of superimposing emptiness.”] This just reminded me of what A wrote

[9:34 PM, 4/18/2020] Soh Wei Yu: From what A wrote he seems to take emptiness as a remedy

[9:35 PM, 4/18/2020] Soh Wei Yu: This seems intellectual.. rather than directly realising whatever appears as empty clarity

Also, I wrote to A: Taking emptiness as a remedy is different from directly realising whatever appears as empty clarity. Taking emptiness as a remedy, a path, and so on is listed as one of the diversions and strayings in thusness stage 6

[9:38 PM, 4/18/2020] John Tan: Yes.  Whatever appears as empty clarity is the whole purpose the teaching imo.  How do u understand this with DO and emptiness? How does it help?

[10:10 PM, 4/18/2020] Soh Wei Yu: It’s like what i said about the chariot.. whatever appears does not exist in and of itself.. also doesn’t mean nonexistent.. but rather like chariot merely manifest and functions in dependence but ultimately unfindable. Phenomena may be reified as objectively existent before and even after anatta... but if one realises all directly perceivable phenomena is of the nature of being like chariot, essenceless and dependently originating, but not truly originating.. then whatever appears are vividly seen as a self luminous display of total exertion yet empty or free of the sense of existence and nonexistence, arising and ceasing, etc

[10:13 PM, 4/18/2020] John Tan: Yes. From experience, there are 2 effects like I always tell u, one is freeing the mind from essence and substance view, the other is the actual expression of the nature of whatever appears.
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