And yes it is crucial to realise that there is nothing beyond or besides or behind the vivid dimensionless appearance. Even if you want to call it Self or Brahman, it must be seen to be nothing beyond, not a background, not unchanging. The experiential quality of 'All is Self' retains, as everything reveals as Pure Presence in total intimacy or more accurately gaplessness. The mountain on the horizon shines forth closer than your breath. You can swallow the pacific ocean in a single gulp. The whole universe is all your flesh, blood, body and limbs. Not even that... not even a 'universe', as it is not some physical inherently existing world but empty dharma-body in total exertion.

John Tan, 2007: “No-self does not need observation. No-self is a form of realisation. To observe is to track the 'self': where is it, what is it - that 'sense of self', who, where and what... till we thoroughly understood it is an illusion, till we know there is awareness, but there never was a 'Self/self'. Isn't awareness 'self'? Well, you can say so if you insist...ehehhe
(1:59 PM) Thusness: if there is non-dual, no background, no mine and 'I', impermanence, not a form of entity and yet we still want to call it 'Self', so be it. 😛
(1:59 PM) Thusness: its okie...
(1:59 PM) Thusness: lol”
John Tan, 2020: “Brahman or not doesn't matter as long Brahman is not any transpersonal being in a wonderland, but is the very relative phenomena that we misunderstood.”
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