Some writings of recent contemplations:
From the heart sutra + dogen: Form is emptiness, emptiness is form, form is no other than emptiness, emptiness is no other than form, therefore form is form and emptiness is emptiness
Emptiness is the knowingness of direct experience (emptiness/luminosity are an indivisible union). Forms and this emptiness are always paired together, never separate but yet not the same. There are no forms without emptiness and no emptiness without forms. Therefore form is actual form, emptiness is actual emptiness.
Forms can be known because they are empty, if they were not empty nothing could ever known them.
Today while driving I saw that the different senses were being bound up into things to be grasped/distanced from. Seeing that these have never been bundled from the start, a weight of thing-ifying was dropped. Just like mind and body being labels only for streaming sense presence, all things are like this.
Going further, conditions for dependent arising are seen to be activities and not things. All activities depending on all other activities. The Sun-ing gives off Light-ing that is reflecting off the glass-ing into the Eye-ing which is cognized by the mind-ing which is supported by the body-ing, eat-ing, sleep-ing, being born-ing, human-ing, all mutually interdependent and no self-nature anywhere. All activity is the Great Activity of the Totality.
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