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I wrote years ago,
“This is a world where nothing can ever sully and touch that purity and perfection, where the whole of universe/whole of mind is always experienced vividly as that very purity and perfection devoid of any kind of sense of self or perceiver whatsoever that is experiencing the world at a distance from a vantagepoint -- life without ‘self’ is a living paradise free of afflictive/painful emotions, where every color, sound, smell, taste, touch and detail of the world stands out as the very boundless field of pristine awareness, sparkling brilliance/radiance, colorful, high-saturation, HD, luminous, heightened intensity and shining wonderment and magicality, where the surrounding sights, sounds, scents, sensations, smells, thoughts are seen and experienced so clearly down to the tiniest details, vividly and naturally, not just in one sense door but all six, where the world is a fairy-tale like wonderland, revealed anew every moment in its fullest depths as if you are a new-born baby experiencing life for the first time, afresh and never seen before, where life is abundant with peace, joy and fearlessness even amidst the apparent chaos and troubles of life, and everything experienced through all the senses far surpasses any beauty previously experienced, as if the universe is like heaven made of glittering gold and jewels, experienced in complete gapless directness without separation, where life and the universe is experienced in its intense lucidity, clarity, aliveness and vivifying presence not only without intermediary and separation but without center and boundaries - infinitude as vast as an endless night sky is actualized every moment, an infinitude that is simply the vast universe appearing as an empty, distanceless, dimensionless and powerful presencing, where the mountains and stars on the horizon stands out no more distant than one’s breath, and shines forth as intimately as one’s heartbeat, where the cosmic scale of infinitude is actualized even in ordinary activities as the entirety of the universe is always participating as every ordinary activity including walking and breathing and one’s very body (without a trace of an ‘I’ or ‘mine’) is as much the universe/dependent origination in action and there is nothing outside of this boundless exertion/universe, where the purity and infinitude of the marvellous world experienced through being cleansed in all doors of perception is constant. (If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is: Infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro' narrow chinks of his cavern. - William Blake)”
This is not a high stage or state of achievement. It is just your primordial purity, the primal purity of the universe and your birthright. We just don’t perceive that way when functioning in life through tainted glasses (the illusion of ‘self’ and ‘other’). Most crucial way to cleanse the doors of perception is the insight of anatman. Then continue refining further with insight into d.o. and emptiness until all perception turns not only nondual bright and direct but illusory and stainless.
The source of genuine happiness is realizing that
we are living in original heaven, in original paradise,
- and that we are already enlightened and absolute.
We have lived thinking that we are clumps of dirt or dung,
but once you see your true nature,
- you realize that everything is pure gold.
To come to know that we are pure gold is incredible,
it is total happiness;
and becoming enlightened to this is infinitely greater
- than amassing all the gold in the world.
~ Ven. SongChol
Ven. SongChol (1912~1993), one of the great Zen masters of Korea in the last century, was called ‘Living Buddha’ by his followers.

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Soh Wei Yu
P.s. i also want to add: i am not a guru nor have i reached some finality.
If this perfection can be experienced even now at such a beginning phase of my practice, with my meagre practice and insights, how infinitely more perfect and pure the primordial purity and perfection will reveal down the road will certainly be astonishing and beyond comprehension. Perfection gets perfecter.
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