The Absolute is ever present yet completely "ungraspable". In fact it is amazing how this idea of 'grasping' and 'possession' comes about. If I were to ask myself what exactly can be held or grasped when it comes to our Buddha Nature? The answer is a straight 'nothing'. Staying too long in the world of "forms", we confused the mechanics and laws of "forms" as ultimate truth and unknowingly apply these laws to the "formless"; these laws don't apply, even 'here and now' does not apply. When we rely our understanding on these ideas and concepts of the 'forms', we find it difficult to understand our pristine nature. Although the laws of 'forms' do not apply, karma applies. We must be well aware that actions leave imprints on consciousness. Imprints and traces are often neglected especially for practitioners that have some glimpses of the Absolute. They merely see the Presence, not the empty nature and imprints. Traces of latent tendencies continue to manifest from moment to moment, there is nothing to deny. These tendencies and dispositions do not subside with the realization of our pristine nature or by residing in the Unmanifest; they have to be unwinded and let manifest. Therefore understanding our true nature is not only about non duality, presence, existence and as the light of everything (to be more exact, the light is the "Everything"); it is also about its ungraspability, unlocatibility and empty nature; it is also about the latent tendencies and dispositions. All these must be included to have a complete understanding of our nature. We cannot choose one and ignore the others. Attaching to the Unmanifest is not an attainment, it is a retrogression. What happens when one attempt to grasp the ungraspable? Nothing gained, only leaving traces and imprints. :-)
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  1. balajit Says:

    thank you for this. i think unless we work through (or unwind) what remains unconscious any Insight will only be partly embodied.

  2. PasserBy Says:

    Yes and 'work through' by simply opening up fearlessly and unreservedly to whatever arises. Then the 'walk through' will be spontaneous and effortless. :)