Just now I went for yoga and meditation session. Then after that I went out for a walk. (I really enjoy walks nowadays, very meditative) Then I feel very very peaceful.. the luminosity of anatta and total exertion is clear as usual (has become a completely effortless natural state) but not heavy.. instead there is a sensation of lightness like floating. Everything is appearing but not truly there, there is no grasping, like falling snow that melts even before landing.

Anyway I was reminded of a verse by the arahant Khitaka in the Theragatha:

“How light my body!
Touched by abundant
rapture & bliss,
—like a cotton tuft
borne on the breeze—
it seems to be floating
—my body!”

Post anatta (or even before actually), this advice by John Tan (Thusness) is important - “be light as a feather, immense as the universe”

Angelo wrote: "Beautiful. Also by JT: “You have to fully and completely replace the mind that wants to understand with the mind that wants to live!”

Thanks for post 🙏"

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