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    The Simplest Thing
    "A related matter is the no-dog. The experience of "Self" described by the advaitists can be seen as both a means and an end. It's an end in that it is a refuge, a trans-personal perspective that is prior to the arising of a separate self, and therefore upstream from suffering. The no-dog knows no suffering. But in the no-dog, there is still a tenuous thread of delusion; the small personal self has been superseded by the universal and impersonal Self. So the no-dog is also a means; by dwelling as the no-dog "Self," you are just one tiny step away from the simplest thing, aka primordial awareness, which has no reference point, either personal or transpersonal. There is no self, big, small or otherwise, from this simplest of all perspectives. It knows Itself. There is no localized sense of knowing standing apart from what is known.There's just the entire phenomenological world, which is self-aware."

    - Kenneth Folk, 2009

    "The Simplest Thing is what it has been called here recently. The Simplest Thing is one way of saying those other things. I like the old line, “In the seeing, just the seen. In the hearing, just the heard,” etc. I think it makes its point very clearly and concisely. It doesn’t get any more simple that that, and that was what I realized on that retreat."

    - Daniel Ingram, 2010

    "Therefore the enlightened penetrates beyond forms, situations, conditions, all arbitrary opinions and communicates directly. 🙂 The simplest thing that is indivisibly whole, is no difference from this breathe, this sound. A thousands years ago, a thousand years later and now, still, this breathe, this sound. Neither the same nor different, always so primordial."

    - Thusness, 2009


    Aditya Prasad
    I am again reminded of this Tibetan saying:
    So close you can't see it
    So deep you can't fathom it
    So simple you can't believe it
    So good you can't accept it

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  • Tyler Jones
    "Until you understand the treasure of simplicity and start back from there, every step forward is a retrogress."

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