I would like to announce two things:

1) The Awakening to Reality Practice Guide by Nafis Rahman:

  • Update: Portuguese translation now available here

2) The Awakening to Reality Guide - Web Abridged Version by Pablo Pintabona and Nafis Rahman:

Special thanks to these individuals for their efforts in making these compilations. I trust they will greatly benefit spiritual aspirants.

1 Response
  1. MarkA Says:

    Thank you so much to all who were involved in this work. I only read the first one so far and looking forward to reading the second book after it is completed.
    My special appreciation and gratitude to Soh and John for sharing profound dhamma for so long with the world.
    Most of the paragraphs in the PDF is worth underlining and contemplating. While John provides deep dhamma points, Soh brings those out by asking great questions and complimenting his own realizations.

    This is what I see as unique about this writing:

    1) covers broadly both non-dual and buddha's teaching. Even with Buddha's teaching you are not limiting yourself to one branch as you share great pointers from theravada, zen, mahamudra etc.

    2) you have succeeded in explaining deep dhamma without using any Pali or Sanskrit words!

    3) Soh takes great care to share non-dual, I am, one mind, no-mind, awareness, consciousness etc etc using great examples that covers many angles - a feature that I haven't seen in any other great dhamma books.

    4) Most writing is a result of their own realization - a rare point in most modern dhamma books and written in practical terms.

    5) I also appreciate John's persistence to keep things simple. Most get bogged-down on dogmas and complicated dhamma points that result in stagnation and/or never ending discussions or arguments.

    6) though I wish to highlight so many paragraphs, may I finish with only one:
    "Intuit the vipassana and the samatha. Intuit the total exertion and realization. The essence of message must be raw and uncontaminated by words. It cannot be secondhand." -by John Tan, 2019.
    May I add that the most important word here is 'intuit (intuition)'. I hope John agrees.