This is a reminder that if you are interested in Arcaya Malcolm Smith's teaching on Dzogchen - Dzogchen Retreat with Arcaya Malcolm - please sign up now. Registration for TWS online retreat closes in 2 days, Aug. 7th.

I can't say everyone is going to resonate with these teachings, since it depends on one's proclivities, etc. But personally, John Tan and I find what Arcaya Malcolm Smith teaches to be highly resonating, so both of us will be attending the online retreat.

I have just updated this page which contains a collection of some of Malcolm's writings concerning the view of Dzogchen: Clarifications on Dharmakaya and Basis by Loppön Namdrol/Malcolm

2 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    I always stumble on these a day or two too late!
    Any idea when there'll be another one?

  2. Soh Says:

    Why don’t you message Malcolm Smith on facebook and ask if he can make an exception so you can join the retreat this time?

    You can also join the Ask the Arcaya group on Facebook