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Nice advice and expression of anatta in recent days from Yin Ling and Albert Hong.


Thanks Soh Wei Yu. He collated all my random posts and Albert’s very nice comment, John’s training the AI 😂, and put it together.
Below is a crucial insight I wish everyone can realize.
When you bath the Buddha, the Buddha is you, the water is you, the temple is you, your hand is you, the ladle is you, and you are the nature of mind.
You are NOT the body, you are mind. You don’t die, don’t change, don’t move, and you are Buddha. Blessed Vesak. May all awaken to their true nature and stop suffering. 🙏🏻🙏🏻


Yin Ling:
First step of meditation is to ascertain the knowing MIND. Without it there is no realisation. The bird, the sky, the touch, the coffee, are all your MIND. MIND once ascertained and strengthen will take one out of “self view” to realisation & we won’t get lost.
The Satipatthana sutta is a wonderful instruction to reach insight.
“Feel the body in the body”, when practicing, don’t think. Feel.
Truly feel the body FROM inside the body. Feel the sound from the sound itself. (1) tbc
(2) feel the feelings, thoughts and all 6 senses in itself and via itself.
It is as though u Insert ur awareness into the middle of the feelings and feel from inside.
(3) practice satipatthana for months to years, consistently.
The Buddha’s mindfulness practice aim to transform our mind : 1) weaken the central self energy and 2) realising awareness has always infused in the 6 senses, not apart.
(4)satipatthana will bring u to the powerful no-self realisation, if u were taught correctly and if u practice consistently 2 hours a day.
The mind energy WILL transform rapidly in 8-12 months.
Albert Hong:
it's remarkable that hearing is exactly the sound. there is no distance or gap. seeing is exactly color. feeling is exactly sensation. there is nothing extra. just that arising color, taste, sensation, sound.
and the flavor/texture of that is exactly consciousness. 
it's remarkable really. being to extend that sense of consciousness, which we all previously only emphasized as prior to thought, as some localized sensation behind the eyes. we have to notice how that is a very subtle effort, a kind of assumption at play. 
the flavor of consciousness is exactly the sensation, the color, the smell, the sensation. like holy shit there is no hearer. no seer. no feeler. it's only ever an assumption. 
you go into sensation for example. there is no actual link between sensations. it's only that sensation, which is exactly the flavor of luminosity. and it has no real link to anything else. thoughts don't touch it, smells don't, colors don't. it's remarkable what imputation-thought can assume to glob together a seeming "thingness".
but even between one sensation and another. there is only ever that arising which is exactly the sensation. there is no prior, so you don't even have a contrast. you can never hold two things. just that sensation. how remarkable. everything is contained right there. nothing prior, hence how could there even be a sensation. where is there continuity? there is no room or time or space for continuity. and yet it magically seems like there is.
even the witness. it's just a sensation at the end of the day. nothing prior, which experiences the witness-sensation. feeling is exactly that sensation. or lets extend that as the whole sphere of beingness. again another feeling-sensation. none of this has to disappear. the extra imputation of a feeler, has to be seen as silly. never will be, never has been, just never really examined.

  • John Tan
    Yin Ling André A. Pais is just saying u should move from insight of emptiness and dependent arising to freedom from all elaborations. But don't listen to him (just joking) 🤣.
    Negation requires an essence to be negated, but since there never was any essence to begin with, how can the path of negation which the gelupas are subscribing be ultimate?
    This relates to the difference between the 2 types of wisdoms: Yeshe vs Prajna. Yeshe is the wisdom of the natural state free from all elaborations, primordial purity of suchness whereas Prajna is the wisdom that deals with emptiness of inherentness. U may want to look into the difference.
    That said, without stable insights of anatta, dependent-arising and emptiness, we will not have undistorted direct knowledge of suchness free from all elaborations.
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    • Yin Ling
      oh thank you.
      I will look into yeshe and prajna.
      At this point, to me, like you said, one is the condition of another. Prajna is the condition for yeshe. For me, yes there’s no essence to be negated in natural nirvana but our mind carry that essence and that’s the negation for.. negating that ignorance.
      Otherwise if there’s any hint of essence, how is there true “freedom from elaborations”/ true quiescence?
      Hmmm that’s my understanding but I think I need to look deeper into it when I have time. I think the masters must have some reason to debate but I just can’t see the clear obvious reason. I think I’m not getting it 😂
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    • John Tan
      Yin Ling don't worry too much about the polemics, see it as bringing out some subtle points along the journey. This in fact instill lots of confidence for practitioners along the path if they authenticate the truth of these subtle refinement and discernment of insights of these great masters.
      It's just like penetrating the insight of anatta resulting in direct authentication of suchness. Some may only see the negation aspect and not the radiance aspect of suchness from that insight and wrongly conclude that "no self" is just about negation but in truth, the single breakthrough involves the 2 authentications.
      Likewise for Tsongkhapa. In praises of dependent origination,
      Therefore whatever originates dependently,
      Though primordially free of intrinsic existence,
      Appears as if it does [possess intrinsic existence];
      So you taught all this to be illusion-like
      So Tsongkhapa is not in ignorant of the primordially pure and like what Mipham said, Tsongkhapa is clear about coalescence of appearances and emptiness. To Tsongkhapa (imo), thorough, mature and direct insight of dependent arising and emptiness suffice and will naturally ferry one there, there is no need to create anything extra.
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    • Yin Ling
      John Tan oh thank you. Yes I get what you mean.
      Just by understanding the object of negation of what is “inherent existence” send one right into nature of mind if they have already ascertain mind. Which should have been. I believe when Buddha taught Brahmans in his time they should have know this, let alone bodhisattvas.
      The fruition after negating inherent existence is very clear, just not stable and powerful. So clear that makes one wonder “what else is left to be negated?” “what are they talking about?” After negating Inherency.
      Thanks. Also quite funny how one thinks Tsongkhapa does not know primodially pure?
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    • André A. Pais
      I just lost a full comment I was writing here... Jesus! I'll try to write it later...