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"Death is just moving from one dream to another."
"What is going to die is the contracted self sense, you are going to be the universe when you die, are you able to handle that kind of power? Is your mind and heart big enough to say I am the cosmos?"
"During death, you as a drop of water goes back to the sea."
"Death correlates with the expansion of identity, not cessation."
- Andrew Holecek.
So wonderful. Don't be afraid of death.
These are the few crucial insights to develop to experientially understand Buddhism.
John tan few short verses has sort of become a guide in my meditation until I don’t need it anymore. I used to go through it one by one: luminosity, non dual, anatta, emptiness and feel it deeply in meditation.
Then until one day all the insights come tgt to bring u to a place - natural state… when all these rafts will be released automatically. Thanks soh for sharing and of course John for writing.
I love this summary by John Tan.
Thusness (John Tan) wrote to Kim123 in 2009 who he thought would more appropriately benefit from Vipassana instructions (in contrast to starting with self-enquiry as outlined in this guide):
“As a start it is almost not possible not to feel dualistic. An observer observing the observed is our ordinary experience and it will appear that this is an experiential fact. Therefore we should not rush into anything but just simply recognize the ‘cause’. The cause that made us see in such a way is termed ‘ignorance’. Try to understand ‘ignorance’ not as not knowing but a form of knowing instead. See it as a very deep form of ‘dualistic knowing’ that we have taken it to be truth. We then proceed to overcome this wrong view in 2 steps; one by strongly and firmly establishing the right view to replace our existing ‘dualistic and inherent view’ and second, practice seeing in bare attention to lessen the grip of views. Practice being bare in bodily sensation till there is a very strong clear mirror feeling in bodily sensation. Then with the right view, non-dual will dawn. Without the right view, it will most likely turn into a mirror reflecting phenomena experience.
Practices can take decades and often quite frustrating and challenging during the journey. But have faith, be patient and have confidence, all effort will prove worthwhile eventually.
A simple summary I use to help my practice:-
When there is simply a pure sense of existence;
When awareness appears mirror like;
When sensations become pristine clear and bright;
This is Luminosity.
When all arising appear disconnected;
When appearance springs without a center;
When phenomena appears to be on their own without controller;
This is No Doer-ship.
When subject/object division is seen as illusion;
When there is clarity that no one is behind thoughts;
When there is only scenery, sounds, thoughts and so forth;
This is Anatta.
When phenomena appears pristinely crystal;
When there is merely one seamless experience;
When all is seen as presence;
This is Non-dual Presence.
When we feel fully the unfindability and unlocatability of phenomena;
When all experiences are seen as ungraspable;
When all mind boundaries of in/out, there/here, now/then dissolve;
This is Emptiness.
When interconnectedness of everything is wholly felt;
When arising appears great, effortless and wonderful;
When presence feels universe;
This is Maha.
When arising is not caged in who, where and when;
When all phenomena appear spontaneous and effortless;
When everything appears right every where, every when;
This is Spontaneous Perfection.
Seeing these as the ground of all experiences;
Always and already so;
This is Wisdom.
Experiencing the ground in whatever arises;
This is Practice.
Happy journey."
When we are born, we are traumatically forced into a little self.. and suffering starts.
When we die, we are released from the little self to go back to our true nature, merge with the dharmakaya and be liberated.
If we truly understand, no more birth.
The world doesn’t see birth and death this way.
The world cry at death and laugh at birth.
The clearer u see, the more dissociated with the “world” u are.
The heart sutra says “颠倒梦想”- Topsy turvy thinking.
The world teach us 颠倒梦想。
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  • Mr./Ms. YEH
    could you please translate the two Chinese words/sentences? 🙏❤️
  • André A. Pais
    Even before birth there is the suffering of self. It's been going on beginninglessly, so they say.
Be gentle when trying to know your mind.
It’s not hard.
It’s not anywhere else.
It’s right there, u are sensing it right now, U just do not know that.
Look far into the distance, see a tree?
U will sense that you are “looking out” at the tree.
Relax more. Relax.
Turn slightly inwards. Face inwards. Feel the tree from the tree.
The tree is actually the mind. The mind cannot be found, but it manifest as a tree.
The tree is the mind essence - appearing, yet empty.
You can validate the appearance.
You can also validate the emptiness.
Don’t infer. Just feel.
Can u feel how empty the tree is when the mind is sensing the tree right there and then at its place ?
Do it for every senses.
Feel deeply the “sensing energy” .. it’s very subtle, very light. It knows.
It knows every particle in the universe.
Every single inch of the universe is like so- appearing yet empty.
Your hair is ur mind
Your clothes is ur mind.
Ur thoughts are ur mind
The music is ur mind.
The person u see in front is ur mind.
All over is your mind.
Just mind through and through.
Not even one particle can be excluded.
No single self that could be grasped.
Jsut this is all.
As equal as can be.
That’s the dharmata.
That’s what Buddha wants to show us.
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  • Mr./Ms. YEH
    this is beautiful.
    I often wonder how everything appears exactly as it always appears even though my memory is so bad.
    But you explained it beautifully.
    It’s mind that knows every particle in the universe. Of course I can’t remember how many bricks are in the neighbor’s wall and how many branches are there in the trees. But mind does.
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  • Jayson MPaul
    Then when everything is seen as mind, it can be reduced. If every single thing is mind, then nothing is mind. No mind at all.
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  • Sredharan Ramakrishna
    That which wants to respond - is it not mind translating spirit in to physical world. Oops Buddha skips spirit!
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This book helped me a lot, I will recommend it to anyone especially those who has ascertain their mind clearly(anatta), I think it will benefit greatly.
It’s mainly Mahamudra teachings, but The instructions and terminologies are non sectarian and easy to understand.
It teaches us to take our whole life onto the path. These teachings were initially given to the Tibetans when the Chinese invaded Tibet, Khenpo Gangsar had to urgently teach these pith instructions to prevent Tibetans going down the wrong path when terrible crisis like that happen.
“Do not kill or harm, remain firm in your minds nature”, Is the gist of his powerful teaching. It is the gist of the whole path really.
I can feel the deep sincerity, compassion and blessings from a great master radiating through the book, which is taught by another great disciple of his. Truly amazing.
May be an image of 1 person and text that says '"Khenchen Rinpoche credits save your life giving tools andchallenging andchallengi.cumstances" teachings saving stabilize the mind even 1of256 256 most territying TakinLep Taking Vivid Awareness The Mind Instructions of KHENPO GANGSHAR KHENCHEN THRANGU Foreword by Sakyong Mipham'
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In one of his meditation manuals, Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche says that the reason we do not realize the nature of the mind is not be- cause it is too difficult, but because it is too easy.
The nature of the mind is something that we have, so we think,"It can't be that." There's nothing we need to do to it; there is nothing complicated about it. Do we not realize it because it is far away? No, it is not-rather, it is too near. It is so dose to us that we already have it, but we do not realize this. For this reason we do not need to make up an essence to rest in; we rest within our own nature as it is. This is how we should meditate.
When I was young, I studied philosophy, including the middle way. Middle way texts talk a lot about different types ofemptiness such as categorized emptiness, uncategorized emptiness, and so forth. When I asked my khenpo, Khenpo Lodro Rabsal, "What is this? What does emptiness mean?" he said, "Don't think so much about the outside. Think a bit about the inside, and that will help."
"Ah," I thought. "How can you do that? How can you think about the inside?" I did not understand what he meant. I thought there was probably nothing to think about on the inside.
Then later I met Khenpo Gangshar. Everyone said,"He is a strange lama. There's something different about him. You get a different feel- ing from him."
I wondered what they meant. The first time I saw him, there was no different feeling. I wondered what was going on and what was going to happen. Then he first gave a pointing out ofsorts. He asked, "Did you recognize anything?" but nothing happened. But as I spent some time in his presence, I had the thought, "Oh, this is it. This is the emptiness that Nagarjuna talked about, isn't it!" Before I had thought that emptiness was something far away, but then I came to see that emptiness is really dose. This happened because of the bless- ings of the lama.
At that point I realized what Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche had meant by saying it was too near. I realized what he meant by saying it was too easy. The mind is not far away; it is within us. If you fiddle with it and alter it a lot, then it becomes fabricated. That doesn't work. The essence of the mind itself, however it may be, is just the way it is. We need to meditate by looking at it the way it is.