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Someone said all pervading presence implies nondual is realised. I explained it is not the same with teh following quotations:

All pervading presence doesnt mean nondual is realised.

“Just my opinion...

For my case, the first time i experienced a definitive I AM presence, there was zero thought. just a borderless, all pervading presence. In fact, there was no thinking or looking out for whether this is I AM or not. There was no conceptual activity. It was interpreted as 'I AM' only after that experience.

To me, I AM experience is actually a glimpse of the way reality is.. but it is quickly re-interpreted. The attribute of 'borderlessness' is experienced. but other 'attributes such as 'no subject-object', 'transparent luminosity, emptiness are not understood yet.

My take, is that when 'I AM' is experienced, you will be doubtless that it is the experience.”

- Sim Pern Chong, 2022

Thusness wrote to Sim back in 2005 while Sim was still at his I AM phased (sim realised anatta and emptiness in the following years):




Hi LongChen,

It is not that it is pointless to experience all as pure presence.

Your experience of "All there is are actually the all-pervading Presence" is most valuable and sacred.

Nothing is more real and clear than IT -- The reality of All.

There is no doubt about it. Smile

I am sure you have experienced 'Pure Presence' but I am equally sure that it escapes you in daily life experiences.

Why is this so?

Because during the process of analysis we have unknowingly divided 'Pure Presence' from sensation, thoughts, images, taste and forms..etc

and worst still we have made this a blueprint for us to 'see' and 'experience' the phenomenon existence.

This unintentional re-enforcement of our karmic forces will prevent us from experiencing our nature in full

and 'Pure Consciousness' will become a transparent like-substance hiding somewhere waiting forever to be found.

This Pure Consciousness as a 'transparent-formless-light' is an image created by thought, it is not the true face of Pure Consciousness.

Do explore into the concept of Emptiness and Conditional Arising of Buddhism in detail if you have time. Smile



Dear Thusness,

Thank you for your advice... it is most valid and helpful and I can see that 'habit' that you have described.

I do have experiences of presence in the daily waking life... but there are also habitual patterns as well. It will take time and fearlessness to fully stabilise. You know what i mean.

Also, I have psychically 'read' you and Xabir (i.e. AEN/Soh) and are intuitively factored.

Thanks for the help. Smile


Eternal Now,

When the pure, formless, clear, brilliance bright, boundless and luminous enters

the sphere of thoughts, the mind transforms the Presence into an 'ENTITY' that is pure, formless,

clear, brilliance bright, boundless and luminous.

This entity, this something is the 'Self' added by a divided mind.

Without creating this 'center', this base, this something, a divided mind does not know how to function. Because the thinking mind understands through measurement and comparison.

In Buddhism, this 'Self' is extra and created. In reality it does not exist.

This is the wisdom to be awaken in order to see reality in its nakedness.

When this is clear, the stream always IS.


Hi Sangha,

What happens when presence is eliminated. No thought, no presence... then could this be a blank?

I do have a time when i meditated into a blank. No perception. it was when the mind 'moves' again that i realise that i was in the blank.

Thanks you.


Hi LongChen,

The blankness is a form of absorption where the knowing faculty of consciousness is temporarily suspended. Complete clarity and Presence without a 'Self' is more crucial. Smile

The 'Self' that is created over countless lives of attachment cannot be underestimated.

We are in almost helpless bondage that our perceptions are shaped and held in a sort

of hypnosis that we feel, think, experience and deduced our understandings from the

perspective of an 'I'. Thus analytical understanding derived from the glimpse of

the Pure Presence Reality will very quickly get distorted.

When Presence is experienced with the six sense doors shut,

Presence is experienced as a form of "I AMness".

When Presence is experience with six sense doors widely open,

Presence is experienced as a form of "I AM All".

However neither experience tells us the TRUE NATURE of Pure Presence.

Even the very sense of Realness, of Existence, of Life and Vividness is so strong,

due to the sense of 'I' there will be a sense of location somewhere,

and the true face of Pure Presence remains hidden.

The mind is just not used to knowing the absolutely nothing, non-local,

nowhere to be found yet pure, brilliance bright and ever luminous.

It will locate, it will find, it will grasp.

There must come a time for the mind to let go of itself completely.

If we are bold enough to let go and enter into the world that is wordless,

labelless and thoughtless, and if this is sustained, wisdom and insight will arise.

This wisdom is the extraordinary Clarity, Vividness and Realness, wholeness whole.

It is crystal clear filling all spaces and places.

Both in silence and in noise, in blankness and somethingness.

Those that experience the Pure Presence will appreciate this crystal clear reality.

This re-visiting of Pure Presence will be thorough and entire.

There will be no doubt.

Buddhism Emptiness is deep and profound. Do go into it. Smile

Happy Journey


Hi Thusness,

Your message feels of truth. Thanks for it. I will do as you advice. Very Happy


Hi longchen,

It is ungraspable not because the Ultimate Object cannot be the subject of observation; but rather there is really no such ‘ultimate object’ hiding behind anywhere. A ‘someone’ inside somewhere is from the very beginning a mistake. True authenticity comes when we realized that any form of ‘centricity’ is illusionary.

To experience the Pure Presence of Isness, “I AMness” must completely dissolve. The Pure Presence you experienced is non-local and has no-center. It becomes an ‘I AM’ due to linear mode of analysis. If you have time do explore into insight meditation and the essence of ‘Emptiness’ Wink




another quote from sim pern chong from 2008:

I think Eckhart Tolle may have been suffering alot and suddenly he 'let go' of trying to work out his problems. This results in a dissociation from thoughts which give rise to the experience of Presence.

To me, 'I AM' is an experience of Presence, it is just that only one aspect of Presence is experienced which is the 'all-pervading' aspect. The non-dual and emptiness aspect are not experienced.. Because non-dual is not realised (at I AM stage), a person may still use effort in an attempt to 'enter' the Presence. This is because, at the I AM stage, there is an erroneous concept that there is a relative world make up of thoughts AND there is an 'absolute source' that is watching it. The I AM stage person will make attempts to 'dissociated from the relative world' in order to enter the 'absolute source'.

However, at Non-dual (& further..) stage understanding, one have understood that the division into a relative world and an absolute source has NEVER occcured and cannot be... Thus no attempt/effort is truly required.