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"Not sure if you have seen this but Elias Capriles contrasts different traditions and states of realization in this interview

Elias Caprilles interviewed by Vladimir Maykov on Ken Wilber's distortion of Buddhism and Dzogchen

He starts to mention at 17:00, then again around 19:00 and also 25:00
He seems to reference Mahā total exertion at the end" - Kyle Dixon

"Interesting...Elias Capriles talk about total exertion and non-action.  He also give an example of some one drawing a circle...which I think is very good.  My son intro-ed an artist that is like that into total non-action...every point he draws is simply perfect...when they later map and calculate the ratio and distance... Kim Jung Gi" - John Tan

"Very good.  The view is clear." - John Tan

Also here is a nice article that is related:


And Its Relation With Wilber's
“Philosophical Tradition" And Views

"Beyond Mind", Part III, Appendix 1