Soh, I seriously think u should not keep bombarding ppl with our conversations.  Don't get over excited with your anatta insights and experiences. Don't become an anatta bot stereotyping and categorizing ppl into the 7 phases of insights.  I know u r extremely sincere and compassionate, but it is unhelpful and unskillful in my opinion. 

I am not a teacher, neither r u.  If u want to teach and guide, u should seriously consider taking up your teacher's offer and start with Ren Cheng as she has been looking for successor since I know u otherwise it is more appropriate to lead those sincere practitioners to right teachers.  Unlike us, those teachers r dedicated full-time; have right settings and environment; have a community of sincere practitioners that mutually support each other; have all the right lineages; and have access to all the frontier knowledge that are passed down from generation to generation from their lineage masters. Y not just do that? 

As for those layman practitioners that for some reasons still prefer to go on their own asking for some general guides post anatta insights, I think they can focus on the 5 following points: 

1. Extend the insight of anatta, the de-reification process to all events and phenomena.  MMK comes handy here.  It will help one investigate most of the subtle assumptions we held to be "true" in a hypnotic way.

2.  Open up our body and go deeply into body-awareness. This is critical imo. Less intellectual activities and more body-awareness.   Post anatta and along the path, due to the de-construction process, the energy released from unconscious holding of our mental constructs can be quite overwhelming.   It may also be due to other reasons, for example, attachment to non-dual experiences and as a result it will cause discomfort to both our mind and body.

3.   So opening up our body is key at this phase.  The imbalance can be released by massage, non-inflammatory diet, qi gong, tai chi movements, yoga or any other body awareness exercises. Just open up our body and bring awareness to our body to complement the anatta insight and less intellectual activities.  

4.  If after that, the practitioner can intuit directly the relationship between mind, prana and body and wish to pursue his knowledge further on how the energy system works, they can then look for experienced teachers in this space to guide them.  U r not into this, hence, do not advise ppl on what u r unsure and have no experience. 

5.  Lastly, bring the insight of anatta into our daily activities, meet conditions and engage. 

I sincerely hope u can make some changes to your approach towards those that seek your advices.  Do put serious thought on it.  Happy journey!


Comments by Soh: 

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  1. Tao Says:

    Point 2 was lead in my case adding love and compassion, which I was laking, it killed any imbalance and turn enegies it into bliss.

    Hope it helps.