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Good video that John Tan shared with me. The video points out progression from I AMness to Anatta and discusses psychedelics. John Tan however cautioned, “ To me, any meddling with the mind is dangerous.”


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Madness Or Nirvana? The Psychedelics Paradox

Here's a good video that my mentor John Tan found online and shared with me. The video points out progression of spiritual realizations from I AMness to Anatta (realization of no-self) and discusses psychedelics and how it usually contrasts with a permanent awakening. Psychedelics tend to lead to an awakening of the I AMness realization and peak experiences of ego-death, however there are further realizations along the spiritual journey.

Youtube video "Madness Or Nirvana? The Psychedelics Paradox":

As for the stages of spiritual awakening, my mentor has also written about them:

(p.s. I'm someone who is very much into spirituality, Buddhism, and has also dabbled with psychedelics when I was younger. I have gone through rather similar stages as my mentor in my journey as the 7 stages link with some minor differences (e.g. I didn't go through stage 3))





Update: John Tan said his other videos are good. “ This asangoham guy narrator emphasized a lot on anatta and emptiness of self, non-doership and interconnected-ness in 3 separate videos. The other 2 are:

Nietzsche + Zen.

The joy of being a spiritual loser: being no one, going no where.. Go watch”


[3/4/24, 12:32:24 AM] John Tan: I really like the last part of the psychedelic video about madness or enlightenment. Illustrated very well on the anatta part of luminous appearances.

[3/4/24, 12:33:20 AM] John Tan: Thinking of how to edit it as the beginning part is misleading and "anatta" is defined wrongly.

[3/4/24, 12:33:34 AM] Soh Wei Yu: Ic..

[3/4/24, 12:36:45 AM] John Tan: And in between part of the anatta, he illustrated "no here and there is no there", good to interject "dependent designation".  That "here" and "there" are merely conventional.

However it cannot be understood at the mental or mind level alone like what I said in the "weight of thoughts" post in my fb.

[3/4/24, 12:38:39 AM] John Tan: And when he talk about boundlessness, he should also bring out effortlessness and non-doership.

[3/4/24, 12:43:03 AM] Soh Wei Yu: you're talking about the psychedelic video?

[3/4/24, 12:48:08 AM] John Tan: Yes

[3/4/24, 12:48:16 AM] Soh Wei Yu: i see

[3/4/24, 12:54:47 AM] John Tan: Lucky I din do any editing for the 7 phases of

[3/4/24, 12:55:50 AM] John Tan: If not will waste tremendous time for advancement of technologies can help to shorten lots of works and time

[3/4/24, 12:56:00 AM] Soh Wei Yu: lol ya true

[3/4/24, 12:56:13 AM] Soh Wei Yu: i was thinking later gpt5 gpt6 come out, whole atr blog will be organised nicely

[3/4/24, 12:56:17 AM] John Tan: Can include picture and video in

[3/4/24, 12:56:18 AM] Soh Wei Yu: and all books instantly translated to 30 languages

[3/4/24, 12:56:19 AM] Soh Wei Yu: lol

[3/4/24, 12:57:26 AM] John Tan: Probably after edited version first before doing the translation

[3/4/24, 12:57:36 AM] Soh Wei Yu: i see

[3/4/24, 12:57:43 AM] Soh Wei Yu: yeah.. hope you can edit

[3/4/24, 12:58:36 AM] John Tan: I prefer some video like the psychedelic video, very ATR the last part.  I like it a lot.

[3/4/24, 12:58:51 AM] John Tan: Can illustrate better


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