I would like to announce two things:

1) The Awakening to Reality Practice Guide by Nafis Rahman: https://app.box.com/s/zc0suu4dil01xbgirm2r0rmnzegxaitq

2) The Awakening to Reality Guide - Web Abridged Version by the joint effort of Pablo Pintabona and Nafis Rahman: https://atr-abridgedguide.blogspot.com/2021/11/this-is-shortened-version-of-complete.html

I would like to thank these two individuals for their great and compassionate effort to make these compilations. I trust it will be of great benefit for spiritual aspirants who find benefit in the AtR materials.

Update: a Portugese translation is now available here http://www.awakeningtoreality.com/2022/08/translation-of-awakening-to-reality.html


"Wisdom Publications
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John tan commented “He is describing anatta but in Dzogchen language. Interesting to hear that Dzogchen said that once there is direct insight, there is no regress. Some of the terms I am unfamiliar.” Those who are interested in dzogchen should attend his teachings. His next series of teachings begins on 1st april. http://www.zangthal.com/registration Read dzogchen basis and view explanation by Malcolm here: https://awakeningtoreality.blogspot.com/2014/02/clarifications-on-dharmakaya-and-basis_16.html

P.s. Just woke up from a dream.. i opened a book and read a page about mindfulness.. by jon kabat zinn. Although i never read any of his books in real life before. that page talked about presence, awareness, mindfulness and deep sense of bliss and peace that accompanies it. As i read it i entered into deep bliss of pure presence and i cld feel the bliss pervading the whole body like jhana for some time then i woke up.. and i had the wish that everyone i know and dont know could have this bliss and presence

Alan Smith
Soh Wei Yu - After reading your p.s. I experienced some piti like feelings myself. Guess it is catching 🙂
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Carlos Andrés López
Hi Soh Wei Yu, the registration is for the Self-Arisen Vidyā Tantra, Part II.
Is there any way to catch up with Part I?
Or it doesn't make sense to attend Part II if I missed Part I?
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Soh Wei Yu
Carlos Andrés López Sorry for the late reply.
It is available inside https://forum.zangthal.com/s as a subscription:
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