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Someone posted in AtR group:

interesting view on awareness and no seer, no seeing, only the seen from Broasca Om

No, it is not. Awareness is just a word. Just an idea. When you look for awareness what do you really find? From what is awareness made of? Can you really see awareness? Can you feel it? How do you experience awareness right now? You may say that you are aware because if you hadn't you could not know that you live the experience of this moment, but is it really so? Is this not just a mental construct, just an assumption, based on inductive logic? The concept of "being aware" of an experience or phenomena is at the heart of the believe that you are separate from life. In the essence it can be seen as the idea or the feeling that you are here and life is somewhere else, there, that there is some kind of distance between what you are and the rest of life.

To think that you are awareness or consciousness is just another level of identification. You were identified with the body and you thought that you see and experience life from the inside of the body. You freed yourself from this idea and now you believe that you are not the body but you are instead immaterial awareness seeing and experiencing life but as immaterial awareness you are and you feel as separated from life as you felt when you believed that you were the body. You have just changed the object of your identification. You were identified with the idea of body and now you became identified with the idea of awareness or consciousness. But you are still identified and you feel as separated from life as before. This is nothing more than another level of delusion.

Can you see that the word awareness is spoken and then it comes to an end and in silence it is like it never existed? Can you see the thought awareness appearing and disappearing leaving no traces of its existence? Where is awareness when you don't talk about it? Where is awareness when you don't think about it? Does life really needs the word awareness or the concept of awareness? Isn't life happening even when you are not talking about awareness? Isn't life still happening when you are not thinking about awareness? Life doesn't need our ideas about life, our beliefs about it, our explanations about what it supposedly means. Life exists and happens free of any concepts, free of any believes. Life just happens. Does seeing need the idea that there is a seer to happen? Does the seeing not happen even when you don't think "I see"?

And if you go even more profound and sincerely with this introspection can you really perceive not only a someone who sees but even a seeing as a phenomenon apart from the image that is seen? We use to believe that there are three distinct parts, the seer, the seeing and the image that is seen but is it really so? Is this not just another assumption based on inductive logic? If you look sincerely for the seer, where is he, can you really find him? Can you really find more than the thought that there is a seer? Can you really perceive a seer? And if you look sincerely for the sense of seeing, can you really find the seeing itself? Can you really perceive in some way the seeing as if it is a concrete phenomenon? Can you really find more than the idea that there is seeing happening? Do you "see" what is here in the end?

The image or that "something" that we call image is here. It exists. it is real. it is happening right now. But the seeing is not. And the seer is not. Both the seeing and the seer are nothing more than impermanent thoughts appearing and disappearing and trying to explain what is with "the image". "The image" can be there without the thought that there is seeing and without the thought that there is a seer. Thoughts like "there is seeing" and "there is a seer" cannot exist unless there is an "image" happening first. And you my friend cannot be the seer and neither the seeing. You are "the image" itself. You are life manifesting itself as "the image", right in this moment. And you are also "the sound" about you thought that there is an entity called "me" who is hearing it. But the thought "I am here and I hear" cannot exist if there is not "the sound" happening first. And it is the same with all the other sensations and feelings and states. You are the entire flow of life manifesting right in this moment as the appearance and the disappearance of every image, sound, sensation, thought, feeling and state and whatever else you may name.

But what you are not is an entity being it called body, person, immaterial awareness, consciousness or self that is separated from the flow of live and exists outside of the flow of life. That's why you cannot free yourself from life, you cannot transcend life, you cannot "escape" or "evade" life. Because you are not a presence outside of life existing independent of life, you are life itself exactly like it is happening in this very moment. And there is nothing wrong with it. Even when a tiny drop of the flow of life takes the shape of the thought that tells that "there is something wrong that needs to be changed". There is nothing wrong. It is as it is. Just don't fight your nature anymore. Your fight is distorting your understanding. Accept everything as it is in this moment. Unconditionally. And you will realize that you are already home. That you are already what you should be. You may finally rest as you flow and happen as everything that happens. Finally at rest. Rest. Peace.