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 Mr M asked me yesterday, "“The everyday practice of dzogchen is simply to develop a complete carefree acceptance, an openness to all situations without limit.”

- Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, Dzogchen Practice in Everyday Life

Makes it sound simple

What do you make of this, Soh?"


This is actually a text by chogyam Trungpa but endorsed by dilgo khyentse.

Chogyam trungpa has lots of controversy and his behaviour certainly isnt exemplary of a buddhist let alone a realised teacher

I myself have doubts whether he even realised anatta or just attained a state of no mind

Nonetheless john tan and i do like that text in the link above

This should be everyday practice after anatta

So what he said at least here is of value regardless of his level of realization and actualization"

Mr. M: "Oh wow, very interesting. I didn’t know the quote was from Chogyam Trungpa. In context it’s even better."