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I've said it since the beginning on Facebook but I will say it once on this blog.

To all the anti vaxxers and those who still hasn't decided or those that are too lazy or full of excuses to avoid getting your lazy ass to the vaccination center out there:


Do the right thing.

Take the jab.


It protects not only yourself, but others around you.

I've taken it, John Tan has taken it, all the wise and respectable dharma teachers I've known have taken it. (Or anyone who is not so loony as to believe in every crazy ass conspiracy theory on the internet and thinks he/she can beat scientific and medical expertise by 'doing your own research' during your spare time in the toilet, thankfully, the vast majority do not harbor such insane delusions)

What has this got to do with Awakening to Reality?

Simple. Only humans become Buddhas. Corpses don't become Buddha. You can't become a Buddha when you're dead.