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This credit crunch and financial crisis has been very cruel to many businessmen and investors where we see wealth accumulated over life-time went ‘poof’ in a matter of months. Though wasn’t as badly hit as 1997 financial crisis, I sincerely hope that the crisis can soon be over to prevent more casualties.

At this turbulent period, it is best not to rush into anything. Perhaps it is good to learn something from the ancient wisdom of I-Ching so that we do not act hastily.

The 3 hexagrams 乾, 困 and 大畜 paint quite a clear picture of the existing situation and the appropriate attitude towards such a difficult time. The current condition is well depicted in changes to the last line of 乾 hexagram -- the dragon that flies too high has regrets; we find ourselves entangled and exhausted as represented by the 困 hexagram and thus it is time to renounce artifice and return to simplicity. The right way now is to conserve energy and await for the right time to act – the essence of the taming power of the Great as depicted in hexagram 大畜.

This period of rest and conservation is also an opportunity for me to re-look and revisit the articles in this blog that was the effort of AEN compiled over the years (Great effort and discipline!). I have always wanted to make clearer the 6 stages of experiences that I undergone over the past 25 years but have not been able to find time due to my commitments for my businesses -- as usual, lots of excuses to procrastinate – not a good habit. -:)

I will jot down more details on my experiences and understandings of the subject of anatta, emptiness and spontaneous arising at the same time attempt to make the 2 posts by AEN on Thusness's Six Stages of Experience and Buddha Nature is NOT "I Am" more readable and understandable. I will refine it along the way with the availability of time.
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