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[8:49 AM, 5/14/2020] John Tan: This book is talking abt anatta and it tries to present as clear as possible the steps towards it without anatta insight.  Means it does not focus on insight breakthrough leading naturally into action but step by step practice into a stage of no mind and explaining the meaning of anatta along the way in the practice of mind.
[8:50 AM, 5/14/2020] John Tan: So the goal of mahamudra is about anatta.
[9:42 AM, 5/14/2020] Soh Wei Yu: Oic.. but lacking insight?
[9:42 AM, 5/14/2020] Soh Wei Yu: Do u think the book is good?
[10:04 AM, 5/14/2020] John Tan: Not that it lacks insight but it does not see how the insight that sees through actually lead one towards the meditation they r talking about.  They r explaining the experience and the understanding of view.  But the path prescribed is gradual, it lacks the triggering point.

[10:25 AM, 5/14/2020] John Tan: Go read that book, although dry it attempts to present the way of anatta (the explanation may not b clear and not well articulated), for one that has anatta insight, he will know what it is trying to arrive at.