There is another forummer in dharmawheel, Astus, who wrote some good posts over the years that John Tan and I liked. His understanding and insight seems to be very much based on anatta.

[4:32 PM, 5/17/2021] John Tan: I just read what is mind in dharmawheel. Astus is anatta and mahamudra whereas Malcolm does not accept thinking without thoughts as a conventional expression. 🤣
[4:33 PM, 5/17/2021] Soh Wei Yu: Astus has anatta insight?
[4:33 PM, 5/17/2021] Soh Wei Yu: Didnt pay attention to his posts previously
[4:33 PM, 5/17/2021] Soh Wei Yu: What you mean thinking without thoughts
[4:33 PM, 5/17/2021] John Tan: U read u will know. Malcolm adhere strictly to madhyamaka 2 truth but I thought dzogchen is one truth🤣
[4:34 PM, 5/17/2021] John Tan: Thinking without thinker I mean
[4:34 PM, 5/17/2021] John Tan: Also dzogchen has a different definition for experience.
[4:35 PM, 5/17/2021] John Tan: Go read, it is an interesting discussion
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