Thusness and I think T.K. (Traktung Khenpa Rinpoche) has incredibly clear dharma expression full of experiential insights of the view, as opposed to being mere intellectual discourse and analysis. The post on non-arising is incredibly clear. He has two books:


Some random selections:

Appearance does not imply birth it only implies appearing. Birth is a superstition added to the simple facticity of perception.
Appearance does not even imply Being that is simply poor deductive reasoning.This is why people have such a hard time deciding when "life" begins - it does't, nor does it end. - t.k., recent talks

"To be who you are with uncontrived simplicity requires a profound humility and a modesty that transcends judgements. The peacock's display, the buck turkey's arrogant strut, the modest field mouse's meekness ... all the simplicity of non-contrivance. The pine’s tall elegance green against winter snow, the roses delicately petaled springtime flirtations ... both simply, and without intention or thought, are what they are. Such a view requires one abide in/as the unstained ground of awareness wherein all things are complete and whole. - t.k."

Uncontrived awareness is simply spontaneously present. It is present, not as a static entity, but as a pure process of presencing in/as perceiving and knowingness . Meditation is to relinquish rigidity and fixation on appearances as static objects and perceiver as subjective entity. For awareness to settle relaxedly within its own expanse without fixation, free from reference points, is the essence of Great Perfection meditation of non-meditation. – t.k. recent talks

Freedom is from every thing but also in and as and of everything. The freedom place has no dimension, no origin, no structure or form and yet it is your own mind. How can you say you have missed it? Freedom’s radiance is Love and Love is always a verb, always an action – but an action taking place in the no-where of timelessness without actor. No-where is right here and timelessness is now, and also then. Freedom does not bend is knee to sense making yet every sense is made of freedom and Love. – t.k. recent talks

Great union’s exalation, spontaneouosly displayed, is nothing other than the essential original nature of a mysterious luminosity. What is great union? It is the indivisibility of nothingness and appearance and …. at their meeting place – which is every where and every when – there is a luminous bright , an uncontrived and unorginated virtue whose name is godliness. – t.k. recent talks

In English there is a form of word called a syntactic expletive – words that play a role but contribute nothing to meaning. An example would be “It is important that you learn to drive…. which can just as easily be said “That you learn to drive is important.” The word ‘it’ in the first sentence has no referent but is perfectly correct ordinary language use. In the perceptual nexus of body, mind, awareness, senses there is no actual referent for the ‘self’ … though, as long as this is remembered, its usage is perfectly fine for relative communication. If it is forgotten that it has no actual referent then problems arise for this imagined reference point. If it is understood/remembered that there is no referent then sense fields and sense objects as luminescing across expanse, playful and ultimately non-binding. - t.k., recent talks on language and shaping of experience.

Natural great awareness dwells poetically as appearing.

Sentient beings are born and die. Bodhisattvas emerge and resolve. Buddhas never move at all.

Appearing appears and yet is empty. Emptiness is empty and yet appearance appears - without implication or complication.

The spontaneous uncoiling of a snake is conceptless and natural; this does not contradict the temporal activity of muscular effort in the process of its unwinding.

Impossible to grasp by concept is the fact that this uncoiling is spontaneous, without actor or intention.

Confusion insists on do-ership, and suddenly the complexities of being and becoming transform from playfulness to tedium.

Free from this superstition remains immovable as wisdom and its own radiance as appearing….. awareness/appearance becomes as a single word.

Natural great awareness dwells poetically as appearing. - t.k., recent talks

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