What is "Self"?

3+ years ago, Thusness/Passerby wrote this to explain a text to someone:

Life (Self) is nothing other than the continuous flow of the Now Moment.
The Now Moment ceases as it arises. This moment must completely ceased
and serves as the CAUSE for the next moment to arise.
Therefore Self is a process of series Self1, Self2, Self3, Self4, Self5, Self6...etc
A fixed entity 'Self' does not exist, what really exists is a momentary Self.
Under deep meditation, one is able to observe and sense the karmic and mental factors from moment to moment,
it is these factors that are succeeded from moment to moment and life and life but not a fixed entity.

He further adds a clarification two weeks ago:

After cycles of refining and stabilizing non-dual experiences,
karmic propensity too reveals itself as empty.
Momentum arises spontaneously and subsides instantaneously;

Yet has never in anyway obscured its own luminosity.
All experiences though diverse are always so,
this is the unborn always found present in all diversities.
Never personify or objectify 'unborn' into an entity,
but see all phenomena that dependently originates as luminous and empty.
If any non-dualist finds difficulty in sustaining non-dual experiences,
this the pathless path of spontaneous presence and natural clarity.

As Thusness mentioned, do note that an equal emphasis must be place on its 'empty nature' apart from its luminosity.

Another great article on "What Is The Me?" by Toni Packer can be found at http://www.springwatercenter.org/teachers/packer/articles/whatisme/.

Regarding the link between how we perceive a separate self and our karmic propensities (deep conditionings/momentum), please read The Spell of Karmic Propensities.
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