Thusness/PasserBy thinks Dan Berkow has deep insights into non-duality and dependent origination/emptiness and that his writings are "truly good". Another article I have posted by him is This Is It: An Interview with Dan Berkow but there are many other articles by him I have not posted (for a list of articles by him see and and

Here are some great expressions on the experience of interdependent origination and "Maha" (also see the subsection "On Emptiness" and "On Maha" of the post "On Anatta (No-Self), Emptiness and Spontaneous Perfection" posted by Thusness/PasserBy):
From: "Dan Berkow, PhD"
Subject: Re: Zenbob/interbeing

Dan: Interbeing (as I've typically heard Thich Naht Hahn translated
into English) means that no thing exists on its own. This is a
restatement of the Buddhist teaching of dependent origination,
sometimes termed "interdependent origination". Therefore,
no thing exists as a separate thing. At the same time, the
of different qualities can arise with no difficulty, although
these appareances and qualities are actually in constant flux
if observed closely. So what is it that is existing in
"interbeing"? Not a thing can be said to be existing,
as anything that is named is dependent on other things existing,
into infinity. So who is the "you" who has "your pain" and the
who has "my pain"? These entities, according to
"interbeing", aren't there in any sense as a discreet entity. The
sensation of pain arises, but no one "has" it.

Empathy is a
resonation of vibration, not a feeling-state of one separate
entity toward another. There is pain "over there" and pleasure
"over here" - but whose pain and pleasure is it? The apprehension
of interbeing leads to an unimaginable and unspeakable Infinity
is capable of indefinite flux and eternal stillness
In the midst of this Infinity, you and I converse, words emanating
from "here" are heard "there" and vice versa. The Void is alive
and resonating. It is indeed a marvelous unbounded symphony
in which every note has its place in the song, and the song
arises as a simultaneous unsplit melody, every "this" resonating
with every "that".

-- Love -- Dan



> Thought, of course tries endlessly
> and futily to verify its own existence as real,
> its constructs as true, its perceptions as valid,
> and its memory as correct. But if this self-enclosed
> loop is seen to be based on nothing except its
> own ceaseless self-referencing, then what is
> outside the loop? What *is* reality? Once "seen",
> the entire deck of cards collapses, body and mind
> drop.

When the loop is seen to be nothing but circular and self-enclosing, then
everything pops and drops, body, mind, thoughts, all appearances.
Actually, one of the first things to go (an early casualty), is that ol'
question about external reality!



Dan: Indeed.

The external reality is constructed
by the internal observer, and
the internal observer couldn't
self-perceive or construct "its"
perception except in contrast/relation
to external reality. As each
is needed to assume the other,
any inherent reality to them
dissolves when the "middle
way" is attended to. Thought-memory
and emotional-sensory processes
construed as reactions to external beings
and forces or internal states and needs are
dependent on the inner-outer
scheme of reality, so they have
no place to stand.

*Truly* there is no
external or internal,
yet there is the appearance of
external and internal through
mutual arising and co-construction.
Hence, language, culture, families,
lives being lived, deaths being
died, places to go,
things to do.

The intriguing question here is:
"how can this appearance of co-constructed
'interbeing' appear?"
There is no "where" for it to appear, and
any "how" is simply a construction
arising within and from the appearance

So, the answer is: poof! like this!

Yet it's this very "poof" in which "they"
seem to appear, in which "they" aren't!

So, as you say, "pop" and "drop" -
(that has a much better ring to it
than, say, "poop" and "droop" ;-)

a frog jumps in the old pond.

Plop, plop
fizz, fizz

oh, what a relief
it izz.

(old alkaseltzer commercial).



"No experiencer, hence no
experience" is only what is
already the case.


>From: "Dan Berkow, PhD"
>D: All there is, is experience.
> There's no one having an experience.
> Just experience.
> Including the experience of the idea that someone is having
> an experience.
> There's no one who gets born and who dies, although there's
> the experience we label "birth", the experience we label "death",
> and the experience of the idea that someone is born and dies.
(4:30 AM) AEN:    > There is no way to get outside of experience, nor are there
> any objects that exist apart from experience.
> The illusion of objects existing apart from experience is
> the experience of illusion, occuring along with delusion,
> the experience of the belief that one experiences objects
> that exist apart from experience.
(4:30 AM) AEN:    > Experience has no experiencer, no location, and no divisions.
> Distinctions that arise within experience simply *are* experience.
> Love,
> Dan

The consciousness that was assumed to be looking
at things across a distance, suddenly has no
distance. And the things being looked at suddenly
aren't anything else, or other.

Yet, the content isn't any different.

It's just that the content is the consciousness
and vice versa.

And has been all along.


- A Conversation on Buddhism between Dan Berkow, Ph.D. and Greg Goode, Ph.D.

It would look like this: An infinitude of meaning with endless self-ripples manifesting as constant flux, endless living-

universes of changing meaning, yet without any change occurring in all-pervading self-evident self-nature. The 'catch' is: this self-nature

isn't to be found anywhere, and can't be said to exist, ever. Without existing,
it is merely self-evident (to who else?) as its own manifestation as living/dying endlessly living universe here, now. I am all that is,

hence I am no one and no-thing.
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