This blog has evolved. I've just completed a revamp of the blog. This is the third major revamp, (the second major revamp being mainly done by Thusness/ByPasser in March 2009, which added many new features to the blog). Techies like me and Thusness would pay particular attention to these things ;)

Here are a few of the changes and new features -

- changed to a completely new blog design
- added 'contact us' form (on the menu above)
- fixed rss problem of not being able to show updated posts (sorry that your suscribed rss feed hasn't been updating since last year!)
- added new features to the sidebar like 'recent comments' and 'share it'
- each post now shows date of post
- each post now shows 'posted by' at the beginning of each post
- new icon included below each post to allow emailing of blog posts to friends
- flickr badge at the bottom of the blog that displays five randomly selected pictures from 'zen enlightenment' category
... and other minor changes and fixes
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