My Taiwanese teacher's reply to my two Chinese articles which I wrote (the first article details the I AM realization, the second article details the initial insight into Anatta):



因为诸法寂灭,本来无我,即见无我,何来有法,既然无一法,何来可悟。所以悟无可悟,本来具足,这样才是真正的见真如。一切相,一切法皆是平等,平等。因为自性空性,要诸相归性, 懂得见一切法,见一切相,归于自己的自性,见无所见,诸法平等,诸相平等,行者无心,这样就成功了。


(Translation from Chinese)

Root faculty is not bad, but! All dharmas arise due to mind, if there is no mind, then how can there be a dharma to be realized, therefore realize there is nothing to be realized, this is then truly the original nature of true thusness.

If there are still dharmas to represent appearances, if there are still dharmas that can be attained, one will not be able to see the True Thusness.

Because all dharmas are quiescent cessation (Nirvana), always already without self, and since one realizes No-Self, how can there be dharmas, and since there are no dharmas whatsoever, how can there be realization, therefore realize that there is nothing that can be realized, originally it is complete. This, then, is truly seeing true thusness. All appearances, all dharmas are equal, equal. As self-nature is empty by nature, we must revert all appearances to nature, know how to see all dharmas, all appearances, as belonging to one's self-nature, see that there is nothing to see, all dharmas are equal, all appearances are equal, the practitioner has no mind. If one practices this way, one succeeds.

He (referring to me) is still searching for a higher state in dharmas, the true highest state is the equality of all appearances, the equality of all dharmas, therefore we must return appearance to nature, all dharmas are of quiescent cessation (Nirvana), therefore see that there is nothing seen, realize that there is nothing realized, only then one can enter into the phenomenon of the equality of all dharmas.
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    that's fire. What your teacher told you; that is fire.