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At That Place of No-Form, It is Calm and Steady.


Question: What is the relation between True Mind and False Mind? What characteristics/nature does True Mind have, or what kind of functions does the True Mind have?


1. No matter True or False Mind, anyway all men only have one mind. Discriminating between true and false is a form of delusional thinking.


2. What is False Mind? Whatever thought movements, thinking this and that, is it; Where is True Mind? Whatever you are able to find are false mind, (you) do not see a trace of it.


3. Apart from false mind there is no independent true mind. False mind and true mind are spoken in dependence on each other, for the purpose of removing sentient beings’ doubts, the various Buddhas and Bodhisattvas established false names, established the True/Real to extinguish the False, teaching people about the tranquil liberation.


4. Mind does not reside at any spot of the body and mind, yet it also isn’t separate from any spot of it. Amidst the physical body, even a cell as tiny as a micro-dust, that also has awareness; in the false mind, even if a thought or feeling is shaped like tracelessness (formless?), the mind is still able to know.


5. Mind does not have any image, whatever that can be felt, whatever/whether the brilliance, movement, quiescence, large or small, all-pervasiveness etc, are not its image.


6. All dharmas are without image, mind is also likewise; all dharmas are dependently arisen, mind is not otherwise.


7. All seeing, hearing, perceiving and knowing, are the functions of True Mind; all thoughts and movements are the revelations of false mind.


8. Do not establish True Mind as the Master, True Mind is not True/Real; do not discard the false mind as slave, False Mind is the True Mind.


9. No matter what True Mind is, or what it is called or what is it like, it is not apart from the five aggregates; apart from the five aggregates there is nothing that could be called mind – regardless whether it is True Mind or False Mind.


10. Do not care about True Mind/False Mind, but go and realize that all dharmas are empty of self, all person/subject are empty of self, and at the no-self of all dharmas, (attain) Nirvana quiescence.


11.  Verify the three dharma seals, understand the marvelous mind of Buddha; at that place of no-form, it is calm and steady.



Today I wrote in Dharma Connection, "Citta (Mind) is not an entity but a process, and does not exist apart from the aggregates, nor does it exist apart from dependent origination (be it the afflicted twelve links of D.O. or the general D.O. that applies to both tainted and untainted experience). There is no citta apart from specific mental experience, and although mind is primordially pure this is only actualized by the insight of anatta since the sense of self would prevent the direct seeing of what mind actually is in its direct immediacy and purity."

Venerable Hui-Feng nicely explained the difference between the view of "atman" and "mindstream" (as taught by Buddha) in the Dharmawheel forum:

"In short:

"self" = "atman" / "pudgala" / "purisa" / etc.
--> permanent, blissful, autonomous entity, totally unaffected by any conditioned phenomena

"mind" = "citta" / "manas" / "vijnana" / etc.
--> stream of momentarily arising and ceasing states of consciousness, thus not an entity, each of which is conditioned by sense organ, sense object and preceding mental states

Neither are material.

That's a brief overview, lot's of things to nit pick at, but otherwise it'll require a 1000 page monograph to make everyone happy.

You'll need to study up on "dependent origination" (pratitya-samutpada) to get into any depth to answer your questions."


V. said, "I don't really resonate with True Mind and False Mind ... it is a little bit confusing when he is saying
"All seeing, hearing, perceiving and knowing, are the functions of True Mind; all thoughts and movements are the revelations of false mind."

If one studies the mind sees it is not like that... But this is my perception, i don't agree with diving the mind in "true" and "false"...."

I replied, "The point though, is that true mind and false mind are just convenient conventional designations, in the end "False Mind is the True Mind.", true mind is not real (it is empty of self or substance), and true mind is not other than dependently originated aggregates."
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