Hopefully, Thusness can write something to comment on this:

"a quick Q on the PCE and the anatta insight. Soh (or anyone else e.g. Tommy?) I have heard you mention in the past that after the anatta insight, PCE mode is effortless, could you clarify what you mean by this?
In my experience, what I would call a full blown PCE is thoroughly non-subjective, just sights, sounds, sensations, all totally perfect. There is not a trace of anyone to have any kind of problem or opinion on reality. In my more usual experience I would say there are subtle moods and subtle thought patterns which cause the vague sense of someone, what I would call the scent or conceit of "I". As I notice and turn attention to them, they are seen through quite quickly, normally a few seconds, and it is normally easy to relax into a PCE-like-mode, of sights sounds, but not always easy to return to the full blown PCE experience...
After one has had what you call the anatta insight, is the conceit/scent of I totally gone? Thanks" - Anthony Goh

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    There was never a sense of "I", just an emotion subconsciously or consciously labelled as being "me". A feeling or pressure within the head or chest etc... None of this has anything to do with being an I.