Andrew Campbell wrote in Dharma Connection:

If you look really closely at 'now' there is never a particular moment that is not absolutely unique. This absolute uniqueness of every part of 'now' is very interesting. 'Always fresh' means that each part of 'now' has never arisen before and so each apparent arising is absolutely a unique, never before seen or tasted. Completely new. BUT look even closer at these unique moments and you see that they are so unique they never have time to come into being as 'unique things'. 'Now' is so fresh, so extremely fresh, that it never comes into being as something that is not new or unique and this uniqueness is so acute that 'things' can't get a duration unless we give them a duration. This absolute uniqueness without duration is what is called 'non-arising, unborn' and is also a glimpse at effortless self-liberation. It's also what 'appearing emptiness' is. Seeing this is also the basis of understanding natural non-fixation. This way of seeing is how we bring different meditation approaches of shamatha and vipashyana together. It's also an understanding of equality.
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