Found this Chinese blog, I guess most of you readers will not be able to read it... it's something for Chinese readers only. This is the first time I found experiential narration of anatta insight in Chinese. The blogger has a very powerful way of expressing his insights in Chinese... something I will never be able to achieve (my command of Chinese is not that good and can't compare with those people in China). Thusness also noted that "IMO, he is the first person I find to be able to express so well the phases of insights with thorough clarity in Chinese version. The more I read, the more I fell in love with the site." He noted that so far he doesn't think he can find such clear expressions elsewhere not only in Chinese but even in English too.

The author's writings before 1st Feb 2012 are all on I AMness, he realized anatta on the 1st Feb 2012 (as far as I can trace). He is now into Anatta, Maha Suchness and Emptiness, and his recent writings often warn against mistaking I AMness/Brahman as Buddha-nature.


It seems to be a rather popular blog in China, its viewership is almost 20 times higher than this blog. I'm trying to compile all his blog posts currently (300 pages and still not even halfway done!)

Meanwhile, I've translated Thusness 7 stages into Chinese. It still needs much improvement so any suggestions are very appreciated.

Update: completed compiling posts (mainly those from Feb 2012 onwards). doc: pdf:

752 pages in total! Printed for my mom.
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  1. Soh Says:

    Hi Anurag Jain,

    I find that I'm not a good translator... perhaps someone else with linguistic expertise in Chinese/English may be able to help.