AN 7.49 Dutiyasaññā Sutta, the Buddha said:

‘The recognition of selflessness in what is unsatisfactory, monks, when developed and cultivated, is of great fruit and benefit; it merges with the death-free, has the death-free as its end.’ Thus it was said. In reference to what was it said?
Monks, when a monk’s mind frequently remains acquainted with the recognition of selflessness in what is unsatisfactory, his mind is rid of “I-making” and “mine-making” with regard to this conscious body and externally with regard to all representations, and has transcended conceit, is at peace, and is well liberated.2 Comments
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  • This is a very important point. Instead of trying to cut out or deny that which is unsatisfactory, if one were to penetrate it, seeing, feeling, hearing the natural unfoldment of the already always integrated (dependantly originated) nature of all phenomena, one sees the no-self nature at every level and in every movement, and where nothing ever moves. The penetration is spontaneous, endless and unsupported. Yet the intimacy is beyond compare.
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