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"Sometimes I wonder why must the topic frequently oscillate between emptiness and preserving an indestructible essence.

    Perhaps after experiencing the boundless brilliance, the aliveness, we feel deep down we must somehow exist in a true, solid and substantial way. The more we experience our radiance clarity, the more difficult for us to let go. This I understand. Maybe we should channel some bits of our time and energy towards understanding the relationship between compassion and emptiness.

    When watching Garchen Rinpoche movie that Piotr sent me, it seems that to Garchen Rinpoche, nothing matters more than sentient beings. Whether there “is or isn’t” an essence seems to be a non-issue; if there is, he would joyfully and generously sacrifice for the benefits of sentient beings when needed. This is what I gathered from the movie.

    I am beginning to see why Nagarjuna asserted that emptiness is the womb of compassion.

    I am beginning to understand without the awakening of Bodhichitta, there is no true realization of emptiness.

    I am beginning to see why Bodhichitta and wisdom are the causes of Buddhahood.

    May Bodhichitta be awakened in our authentic mindstreams.

    Homage to Bodhichitta."
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I highly recommend this video:

Viorica Doina Neacsu

Because this documentary it is so deeply touching and is presenting such beautiful glimpses of Milapera's wisdom, i thought to make a post with the link for this movie hoping that you will find the time to enjoy watching "The Extraordinary Life of Garchen Triptrul Rinpoche".

Thank you so much Piotr Ludwiński and Marta Wrona for your precious gift!

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Discovered by a king as the reincarnation of a great Lama. 
 He fought to save his country, defending the Jewel of Tibet. 
 Imprisoned for

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Spontaneous Teaching on the Ten Perfections

June 11, 2013 at 7:51am

When this body dies, my mind has not died.
I will continue to remain, pervading the five elements.

Apart from giving up self-grasping,
there is no other perfection of generosity.

Apart from giving up deception,
there is no other perfection of morality.

Apart from being fearless of the ultimate truth,
there is no other perfection of patience.

Apart from being inseparable from practice,
there is no other perfection of diligence.

Apart from abiding within the natural state,
there is no other perfection of meditative concentraction.

Apart from realizing the nature of mind,
there is no other perfection of wisdom.

Apart from practicing virtue in whatever you do,
there is no other perfection of skillful means.

Apart from defeating the four maras,
there is no other perfection of power.

Apart from giving up afflictions through the power of awareness,
there is no other perfection of primordial awareness.

Son, rest within non-conceptuality.

In non-conceptual Shamatha meditation, there are no thoughts.
However, an absence of thoughts is not desired.

'Rest within non-conceptuality' means that no phenomenon within samsara and nirvana transcends Mahamudra.

Son, when you meditate on Mahamudra do not exert yourself in virtues of body and speech.

Son, do not grasp at the appearance of great signs and qualities.
This is the source of Mara's prophecy.

Son, rest within a state free of hopes.

Son, rest within a state devoid of grasping at being great.
When you realize the nature of mind, have no desire for clairvoyant powers.

When you actually realize the meaning of Mahamudra, you should not cling to the thought,
"Oh, this is Mahamudra... Now I have realized it!"

You must free this fixation.

I supplicate Lord Milarepa, Laughing Vajra.


This heart teaching was given by His Eminence Garchen Triptrul Rinpoche in response to a request for a teaching on the supreme yogi, Milarepa.  It was given to a group of retreatants at the auspicious site of Milarepa's cave in Lapchi, Nepal, in 2007.  Part of this is recorded on video in "For the Benefit of All Beings."

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