• Soh Wei Yu The I AM is not about having an experience, it is about discovering and realizing what You are. It is not something you do, not something you experience, but something that is realized. Eureka. So find out what is the experiencer. Who and what am I?

    hen you realize that with complete certainty, you simply know (or rather, is simply the Knowingness) of what you are and don't get confused about conceptual notions of a self entity that is existing and dissolving in time and so on. It is pure, radiant, timeless Presence.

    Tracing back all thoughts and perceptions to its source, there is just a radiant light of Being. Before birth, I AM.
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    1. On Experience and Realization

    Comments by Soh: Also see related article - I AM Experience/Glimpse/Recognition vs I AM Realization (Certainty of Being)

    One of the direct and immediate response I get after reading the articles by Rob Burbea and Rupert is that they missed one very and most important point when talking about the Eternal Witness Experience -- The Realization. They focus too much on the experience but overlook the realization. Honestly I do not like to make this distinction as I see realization also as a form of experience. However in this particular case, it seems appropriate as it could better illustrate what I am trying to convey. It also relates to the few occasions where you described to me your space-like experiences of Awareness and asked whether they correspond to the phase one insight of Eternal Witness. While your experiences are there, I told you ‘not exactly’ even though you told me you clearly experienced a pure sense of presence.

    So what is lacking? You do not lack the experience, you lack the realization. You may have the blissful sensation or feeling of vast and open spaciousness; you may experience a non-conceptual and objectless state; you may experience the mirror like clarity but all these experiences are not Realization. There is no ‘eureka’, no ‘aha’, no moment of immediate and intuitive illumination that you understood something undeniable and unshakable -- a conviction so powerful that no one, not even Buddha can sway you from this realization because the practitioner so clearly sees the truth of it. It is the direct and unshakable insight of ‘You’. This is the realization that a practitioner must have in order to realize the Zen satori. You will understand clearly why it is so difficult for those practitioners to forgo this ‘I AMness’ and accept the doctrine of anatta. Actually there is no forgoing of this ‘Witness’, it is rather a deepening of insight to include the non-dual, groundlessness and interconnectedness of our luminous nature. Like what Rob said, "keep the experience but refine the views".

    Lastly this realization is not an end by itself, it is the beginning. If we are truthful and not over exaggerate and get carried away by this initial glimpse, we will realize that we do not gain liberation from this realization; contrary we suffer more after this realization. However it is a powerful condition that motivates a practitioner to embark on a spiritual journey in search of true freedom. :)
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    Realization and Experience and Non-Dual Experience from Different Perspectives
  • William Lim So the million dollar question is :


  • Soh Wei Yu Just investigate who you are
  • William Lim Besides description, what's the prescription?
  • Soh Wei Yu Before thought, there is still a knowingness of existence. The knowingness of existence is not a subject-object knowing -- The Knowingness is the Self, it is not a knower knowing the self. You keep inquiring Before Birth, Who am I?/Who am I? until there is a quality of complete certainty of Existence, and that you find that certainty to be more real and obvious and certain than anything else you have known.

    Just keep inquiring who you are until you arrive at that.
  • William Lim I tried that for two days... nothing yet :)
  • Soh Wei Yu Without a thought, do you exist? Are you aware that you exist? What is existence-awareness at that moment?
  • Soh Wei Yu The first two questions simply usually returns concepts like 'yes'. But it doesn't lead to complete non-conceptual certainty. The third one, or questions and koans like Who am I? leads to that non-conceptual certainty and realization. It requires penetrating all discursive thinking to arrive at the actuality of the fundamental ground.
  • Soh Wei Yu When you get a sense of being a Living Spirit, go deeply into that. Don't think, just come to the point of complete stillness of Being. “Be still, and know that I am God.”
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