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Hi dude.
1) there’s not much mention of the massive amount of energy that’s released within the body and how that permeates experience.
2) stage 8 is letting go of everything you think you know. As it’s only a hindrance really.

Just my 2 cents.


I see

1) i have mentioned it somewhere in some articles and also the 2019 article but not a lot of emphasis indeed

Also john tan has mentioned

2) this is important but the overcoming of knowledge obscurations must be through deep prajna wisdom otherwise one also falls into disease of non conceptuality as mentioned here

Also letting go of knowledge and freedom from elaboration does not mean neglecting conventional or everything manifest haphazardly otherwise thats just another extreme

[10:30 PM, 4/12/2021] John Tan: Many misunderstand that oh ultimately it is empty and DO is conventional therefore conceptual so ultimately empty non-existence.
We must understand what is meant by empty ultimately but conventionally valid. Nominal constructs are of two types, those that are valid and those that r invalid like "rabbit horns". Even mere appearances free from all elaborations and conceptualities, they inadvertently manifest therefore the term "appearances". They do not manifest randomly or haphazardly, they are valid mode of arising and that is dependent arising. When it is "valid" means it is the acceptable way of explanation and not "rabbit horn" which is non-existence. This part I mentioned in my reply to Andre.
[10:36 PM, 4/12/2021] John Tan: Do you get what I meant?
What it means is there is still a "right" or "acceptable" or "valid" way to express it conventionally. Take freedom from all elaborations for example, it doesn't mean "blankness" or "anything goes". There is right understanding of "freedom from all elaborations" that is why Mipham has to qualify that it is not "blankness", it does not reject "mere appearance", it must be understood from the perspective of "coalescence"...and so on and so forth. Similarly, there is right understanding of "arising" conventionally and that is DO.
So when we clearly see how essence = true existence = independence of causes and conditions are untenable for anything to arise, we see dependent arising.

But i do agree with what u said in general

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I guess what I mean is more that these things are just obviously felt as being reality and there’s a time where we really do have to just free fall into reality. But perhaps one must see that for themselves?

The reason I mention the energetic stuff is that for me now I don’t particularly hear sounds. I feel them


I have very intense and crazy experiences regarding sounds and all other senses.. for sound i call it entering the universe of sound. All other senses are also much more intense than on psychedelics

But overfocus on these also led to energy imbalances

All these i described in

For those that have intensity in sound and sight, they should also balance with all other senses and have same intensity and thoroughness of radiance in all senses

In fact smell was also particularly intense for me since 2019

But i also balance with somatic which is very important

John tan also said this recently to yin ling

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Qi gong has been helpful

And Zhan Zhuang

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