John Tan wrote in 2020 in Facebook:


1.  Primordial state, original face.

What does it mean to to be without the imagined and imputed?  It is simply one's primordial state, always and already so despite non-recognition.

So the path can be directly pointing to one's original face or to rid from all imputed imagined artificialities.

But the direct leap out of the imputed layer is often not exhaustive and thorough, many blindspots and hindrances.  Therefore a short cut can often turns out to be a longer cut.

2.  Unmade, natural and spontaneous

I agree that without imputations, there is no boundaries.  Therefore all experiences is open and spacious and without the layer of imagined, whatever appears is pristine and pellucid, transparent and crystal.

In addition to that, purge of all imputed artificialities, whatever appears is also unmade and unconditioned, natural and spontaneous.

3.  Seeing through duality and seeing from inherency, to me is not the same and has different experiential taste.

When we say "the lightning is flashing", there r no two parts - "lightning" and "flashing", the flashing is the lightning.

When we say "the mover and the movement", there r no two parts - "mover" and "movement", the mover is the movement.

Same for the anatta insight, hearer hearing sound.  There is no 3 parts, no hearer hearing sound, the hearer is the hearing is the sound.

That is seeing through thingness, agency and action.

But seeing through duality like inner/outer, left/right, entry/exit, object/subject is different.  When the line of demarcation that divides dissolves, experience turns non-dual but sense of "thingness" can still remain imo.

So this teaching of exhausting "thingness" is quite unique, it is not just doing away with duality or conceptualities in naked awareness or raw attention.

Last question:

What if one does not go through the path of seeing through mental imputation and reification?  

Any other ways to free oneself from the sense of agency-action, duality and boundaries?

Got to go, late for work.  Thks for sharing!

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