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Ven hui lu explains how the grasping on objects of perception (including stillness) and finally even awareness itself as truly existing, as the subject or perceiver will prevent the attaining of first bhumi awakening
From 33 minutes to 53 minutes

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John Tan
Wow...this is very good explanation. 👍
This is explaining the hindrance that may arise when practicing contemplation on emptiness as freedom from conceptualities, turning consciousness into wisdom (转識为智). That the taste of "primordial purity" from emptying the conventional can serve as the basis of attachment being reified as an independent "primordial purity" state standing apart from appearances.
And 慧律法师 still said although there is hindrance but direction is still correct (随顺觉性) not 圆觉...lol. not easy to find master having such clarity.
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