Soh Wei Yu

The birth of certainty ~ Lama Tsongkhapa
The knowledge that appearances arise unfailingly in dependence,
And the knowledge that they are empty and beyond all assertions—
As long as these two appear to you as separate,
There can be no realization of the Buddha’s wisdom.
Yet when they arise at once, not each in turn but both together,
Then through merely seeing unfailing dependent origination
Certainty is born, and all modes of misapprehension fall apart—
That is when discernment of the view has reached perfection.
– Lama Tsongkhapa

Zachary Rodecap
Soh Wei Yu, I'm looking on the linked page for a citation of the source of this passage but I don't see it. Do you know where this passage comes from?
John Tan
Zachary Rodecap Three Principal Aspects of the Path verses 10, 11. It is also an important passage to Mipham. He quoted these 2 verses to demonstrate Tsongkhapa's final understanding of ultimate is "coalescence" free from all elaborations, no difference from his as well as Ngarabpa's understanding.
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  • Zachary Rodecap
    John Tan Interesting. Just purchased that text from Amazon. If Mipham used these verses for that purpose, why is so much of his other writing so critical of Tsongkhapa?
  • John Tan
    Zachary Rodecap Mipham has a lot of respects for Tsongkhapa and has said Tsongkhapa's final ultimate is no difference from what he understood also, however his later followers may not have fully grasped his intent.
  • Zachary Rodecap
    John Tan Which translation is this OP? I just bought the .99 cent FPMT version and its translation is very clunky, not like what Soh Wei Yu posted above, which I prefer.
  • John Tan
    Also in the book Mipham's Dialectics and the Debates on Emptiness: To Be, Not to Be or Neither (Routledge Critical Studies in Buddhism - Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies).
    Three Principal Aspects of the Path
    Three Principal Aspects of the Path
    Three Principal Aspects of the Path
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