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There are many plenty of good teachers out there. Too many to list.. I have a book recommendation list in 2019 in the AtR blog but that too is in much need of updating. But you can get some recommendations here "Book Recommendations 2019 and Practice Advices"
My recommendation of books, teachers, and so on, also depend on what the person is trying to accomplish and where they are at. If they are practicing self enquiry, then a self enquiry related book be it from advaita (e.g. ramana maharshi), zen (e.g. hsu yun, bassui, etc), or dzogchen (e.g. lama surya das's natural radiance, etc) would be good. Also although you seldom see me post neo advaita stuff here, John Tan also recommended some neo advaita books to certain people whose conditions for breakthrough to nondual was present but there wasn't conditions for breakthrough to anatta and emptiness yet. For example, I enjoyed reading Joan Tollifson books in the past, David Carse and so on. But it all depends on the conditions of the individual, I am not making a blanket recommendation that everyone should start reading these books. It may not resonate with you or you may already know those stuff and so on.
If they are post anatta, reading about mulamadhyamikakarika/mmk (translated by jay garfield, and another by mark siderits), soto zen/dogen (this is great for an introduction: ), mipham (for starters: jamgon mipam, then for more thorough into dzogchen and emptiness read 'beacon of certainty'), tsongkhapa, and also many good books of mahamudra and dzogchen may be helpful. But as the tibetan buddhist teachings state vajrayana teachings requires a teacher, so if you are interested in these teachings then you will require a proper teacher who can do transmission and so on. Actually the same for zen. Recently John Tan was also recommending Meido Moore Roshi from the Rinzai Zen side, also Kyle attended a teaching by this Roshi and he seemed impressed.
As for finding teachers, it would be good to try to find a local teacher and sangha you can actually visit and interact with. If there are no awake teachers around your vicinity then maybe find an online one. So my advise is to look around your vicinity as well and do not be restricted by what people recommend here, because we cannot possibly know all the teachers that exist around the world.
Also I just told John Tan earlier today that I find Acarya Malcolm Smith and Kyle's writings and views quite resonating, which he also said "...learn their view, it is very good". I personally attended Malcolm's Dzogchen teachings in 2020 and so had John Tan, although it seems Malcolm no longer accepts new students.

Also Malcolm posted advise in dharmawheel on how to choose teacher, "You have to investigate your prospective gurus for yourself. She is among the people out there teaching Dzogchen in a somewhat open way. But not every teacher is suitable for every student. Only you can discern that. So you have to be like a bee, you have to visit many flowers, not only one. This is the recommended behavior for a person who is interested in Dzogchen teachings."
I do recommend people read all the posts by Malcolm and Kyle:

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