A good description of total exertion by Yin Ling.
John Tan
Yin Ling How does "seeing is just seen" lead to this expression of "total extertion"?
Yin Ling
John Tan
Seeing is just seen is like no essence.
When there is no essence, only then there can be total exertion.
The more the essence view is thinned out from my mind, the more obvious I can feel the totally exerted universe because of total loss of essence and also boundaries.
The interconnected ness just came through .
Late autumn. Rare sunshine.
I was running n walking n taking it all in, taking in the vestiges of autumn, the air, the sunlight, the crispness of it all, my healthy body, the brimming hope of GE in my inboxes, the freedom to have a Saturday not getting stressed out by illness. It is precious. All of this. Because it’s transient.
I stand still among the pulsing of it all, and take a deep breath. The translucent buildings, transparent tree, my body feels transparent, everything interweaves
An airplane flew over me, my body mind is right there with the airplane, and physical body here totally forgotten, and the whole world is just the whirring of the airplane ✈️
The whole body mind senses. We don’t really sense with the sense organs. We pretended ears hear, eye sees, but no .. it’s not that way. The mind’s eyes, together with the whole body, sense the whole world, as one sense field, opening up , completely deconstructed, and sense the world, which is itself.
I cannot express this well. But when they say everything is you, it is literal. More real than you as a personal body.
The depth of the dharma is so deep and so magical that nothing can express it. Music comes close for me. Nature comes close too. Words r very far. A kind act comes really close.
Yet I know I haven’t plumb its depth.
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