Someone wrote: "wisdom can only exist if ignorance is reified, they're both flip sides of the same non-existent coin, just more interpretation by the mind, that's why i tend towards "innocence""

The awakening of wisdom is only possible when ignorance is seen through, however wisdom is not 'just more interpretation'. It is a form of awakeness, it is a direct prajna wisdom where the true nature of experience/mind being empty is directly apprehended. This is what liberates, there is no liberation when the bonds of delusion persist. One can remain non-conceptual and luminous, but non-conceptuality is not what liberates the bond. The bond of perceiving inherent existence and self persists even in states of non-conceptuality. It does not resolve the deep-seated delusion.

As Thusness wrote to me in 2013:

Thusness Sunday, September 29, 2013 at 6:20pm UTC+08

There must b clear understanding of right and wrong understanding, ignorance and wisdom. What u r doing and subscribing is using experience to replace right understanding.
Thusness Sunday, September 29, 2013 at 6:23pm UTC+08

Ignorance is that tendency to c things inherently or "things" truly exist or there r "things". Wisdom is to c through that "thingness" via DO and realized emptiness...that nothing arise, come, go, life, death...

(note by me: 'things' include 'Awareness', seeing 'Awareness' as inherently existing is also bondage)

26/2/13 9:42:12 AM: Thusness: U experience them in terms of sensation
26/2/13 9:42:36 AM: AEN: Yes
26/2/13 9:44:48 AM: Thusness: What u r going through is freeing these "constructs" that bond u at the deepest lvl
26/2/13 9:45:43 AM: Thusness: But that is not being "non-conceptual" alone but by wisdom
26/2/13 9:46:19 AM: Thusness: Experience will naturally turn luminous and liberating experience wholely via losing center, not by intensifying experience.

26/2/13 8:53:42 PM: Thusness: With regards to locality, deconstruction implies freeing the tendency of getting bonded ... So u must feel and experience this freeing of oneself from this bond
26/2/13 8:54:38 PM: Thusness: Means whenever and where ever arising manifest, there must b this freedom
26/2/13 8:55:42 PM: Thusness: That sense of center and locality must dissolve.

16/3/13 1:02:48 AM: Thusness: Ignorance is like an endless loop
16/3/13 1:04:21 AM: Thusness: U penetrated object with direct non-conceptual experience, it hides in subject
16/3/13 1:05:09 AM: Thusness: U destroy object, it hides in here/now, there/here, in/out
16/3/13 1:06:25 AM: Thusness: Becoz the fundamental ignorance is there
16/3/13 1:07:04 AM: Thusness: With that view, there is no true overcoming
16/3/13 1:07:42 AM: Thusness: Objects will still appear to b external
16/3/13 1:07:58 AM: Thusness: Even after non-dual
16/3/13 1:08:37 AM: Thusness: A practitioner din really overcome it
16/3/13 1:11:13 AM: Thusness: U will hv to feel it with ur entire body-mind with that view to understand
16/3/13 1:12:34 AM: Thusness: And compare with the deconstruction of "emptiness"
16/3/13 1:14:05 AM: Thusness: If we hold substantial view, we will always feel something has changed to something
16/3/13 1:14:28 AM: Thusness: And we want to understand it that way
16/3/13 1:15:04 AM: Thusness: Therefore we r unable to overcome the source, appearances and apparent objects
16/3/13 1:15:48 AM: Thusness: How is something so solid and external is "mind"
16/3/13 1:19:24 AM: Thusness: Also when u realized there is no hearer behind sound and initially penetrated anatta, it does not mean u hv overcome appearances and apparent objects too
16/3/13 1:19:32 AM: Thusness: What is lacking?
16/3/13 1:19:55 AM: AEN: Insight that penetrates empty nature of objects ?
16/3/13 1:21:52 AM: Thusness: Yes only when one begin to "realize" emptiness and look into the experience of anatta and understand this "emptying"
16/3/13 1:23:27 AM: Thusness: Until it replaces that "inherent/dualistic" and apply it endlessly
16/3/13 1:23:57 AM: Thusness: When u look into Self/self it is empty
16/3/13 1:24:12 AM: Thusness: When u look into aggregates, it is empty
16/3/13 1:24:29 AM: Thusness: When u look at here/now, it is empty
16/3/13 1:25:15 AM: Thusness: When u look into in/out, it is empty then u begin to overcome appearances and apparent objects
16/3/13 1:27:17 AM: Thusness: R u denying Awareness?
16/3/13 1:27:30 AM: AEN: No
16/3/13 1:27:44 AM: AEN: Deconstruction is not denial
16/3/13 1:27:57 AM: AEN: But seeing inherent dualistic view
16/3/13 1:28:11 AM: AEN: Through
16/3/13 1:31:03 AM: Thusness: That is liberating it
16/3/13 1:31:21 AM: AEN: I see..
16/3/13 1:32:36 AM: Thusness: Life, death, here, now, this, that, subject, object...etc
16/3/13 1:32:57 AM: Thusness: Is there a substance?
16/3/13 1:33:33 AM: Thusness: Or the same substance being transformed into another
16/3/13 1:33:53 AM: Thusness: Is the current thought the same as previous thought
16/3/13 1:34:08 AM: AEN: Nope
16/3/13 1:34:10 AM: Thusness: The entire view has changed
16/3/13 1:34:20 AM: Thusness: It does not apply
16/3/13 1:35:03 AM: Thusness: All along we hv understood our immediate experience wrongly and treat that as ultimate
16/3/13 1:36:06 AM: Thusness: Then non-dual experience will turn liberating
16/3/13 1:36:46 AM: Thusness: Next look into total exertion

16/3/13 1:45:32 AM: Thusness: When u see a table, is there a truly existing "table"
16/3/13 1:46:29 AM: Thusness: When I say awareness, is there a truly existing awareness
16/3/13 1:46:54 AM: Thusness: When we say "here", is there a "here"
16/3/13 1:47:07 AM: Thusness: When we say now, is there a now
16/3/13 1:47:46 AM: Thusness: Some use analytical way of deconstructing into parts
16/3/13 1:48:18 AM: Thusness: As for me, it is total exertion of this immediate formation
16/3/13 1:50:28 AM: Thusness: Until luminosity, total exertion and emptiness becomes seem less
16/3/13 1:50:32 AM: Thusness: Seamless
16/3/13 1:51:48 AM: Thusness: The view that there must b an essence that continue from here to there, from now to then is overcome
16/3/13 1:52:25 AM: Thusness: Experience is as direct, non-conceptual, non dual and liberating

Thusness Monday, December 9, 2013 at 9:29pm UTC+08

The more I read, the more I find the essence of what liberates is not clearly expressed...rather what expressed is more on non-dual clarity
Thusness Monday, December 9, 2013 at 9:46pm UTC+08

Yeah...what liberates with ur current experience and insights?
AEN Monday, December 9, 2013 at 10:34pm UTC+08

anatta, emptiness and impermanence... all these breaks various clinging be it self, here, now, it, etc
Thusness Monday, December 9, 2013 at 10:36pm UTC+08

Yes. Simple and why it becomes complex is because of the many faces of grasping.
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